Northeast clinic

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Northeast clinic by Mind Map: Northeast clinic

1. Who is the community served by the clinic?

1.1. GIS mapping

1.1.1. Where do NE patients come from?

1.1.2. Bill Schwab's Disable patients

1.1.3. Diabetes examples Comparing Data source epic data DFM warehouse Brian Ardnt's Data Medicare data Variables demographics: age, sex, ethnicity vitals: weight vs BMI location: block vs zip code. metrics: A1C, LIPIDS

1.1.4. top 10 diagnosis codes

1.2. Photo mapping

2. Resources

2.1. John Frey

2.2. Suzanne Gaulocher

2.2.1. grant application: hispanic children

2.3. David Simmons

2.4. maureen's hourlie

2.4.1. search for references

2.4.2. examples of other diabetes GIS maps

2.5. Grace Flood

2.6. Brian Arndt

2.6.1. diabetes data

3. What are the needs and strengths of the community?

4. How is the clinic viewed by the community?

5. How can the clinic better serve the community?