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Chapter 1 Introduction to IHL by Mind Map: Chapter 1 Introduction to IHL
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Chapter 1 Introduction to IHL

1.7 Wrap-up interview

Interview with Marco Sassòli

1.6 International Human Rights VS International Humanitarian Law

1.6.1 Introduction

1.6.2 Human Rights Law in armed conflict: legal obstacles?

1.6.3 Similarities and differences

1.6.4 Potential conflicts and solutions

1.6.5 Cross interpretations and "humanitarization" at the international level

1.6.6 "Humanitarization" at the regional level: America and Africa

1.6.7 "Humanitarization" at the regional level: Europe

1.6.8 "Humanization" of International Humanitarian Law

1.6.9 Salient problems

1.5 Jus ad bellum VS Jus in bello

1.5.1 Introduction

1.5.2 Historical overview

1.5.3 The principles of equality and separation

1.5.4. Are there exceptions?

1.5.5 Can jus ad bellum still affect jus in bello?

1.5.6 Can violations of the jus in bello affect the jus ad bellum?

1.4 History of International Humanitarian Law

1.4.1 Introduction

1.4.2 Pre-modern developments

1.4.3 The development of a legal regime regulating warfare at sea

1.4.4 The Lieber Code and early attempts at codification

1.4.5 The creation of the Red Cross

1.4.6 1945 to the present day

1.3 Law and armed conflicts

1.3.1 Introduction

1.3.2 The paradox of law in conflict

1.3.3 Is international humanitarian law really law?

1.2 What is International Humanitarian Law?

1.2.1 What do you think?

1.2.2 What's in a name?

1.2.3 Overview of the content and structure of the course

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Introduction

1.1.2 Mindmap Chapter 1