HP 2016-2017

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HP 2016-2017 by Mind Map: HP 2016-2017

1. Best Memory

1.1. Sonia's Stitch Water Bottle

1.1.1. Sonia accusing people of stealing it when she loses it in her backpack Sonia's crab dance !!!!

1.1.2. Sonia"s Stitch everything & Her getting so excited over the Happy Meal toy

1.2. Anais' fantastic snacks during team meetings

1.2.1. Retweet

1.3. There's too many to pick just one!


1.4. PE Training: The first moments as a team

1.5. The Global Health Team #allthefeels

1.5.1. the BOMB dot com

1.6. Bonding with the TLS, je vous aime!

1.7. "Mark"

1.8. Winning a Health Services Water Bottle

1.9. Global Health Dodgeball team plus Liv and Xavier

1.9.1. I'm Liv's biggest fan moi aussi

1.9.2. Mac eating a whole container of greek yogurt Mac eating three lunchbox meals nine cupcakes Those snap stories are going in the archives <3

1.10. Knowing that you can steal 5 watermelon without being caught in a room full of people

1.10.1. And a bag of frootloops* Wait, someone from HP stole those?


1.12. ESCAPE MANOR. Holy moly was that fun

1.13. HP Christmas Party

1.13.1. CIGGY THE G.O.A.T.

1.13.2. Cards against humanity at the HP christmas partaaaay butter chicken Audreanne's cute slippers

1.14. Kochin Kitchen

1.15. Spending time with Sylvie's Puppy


1.16. Tabling with Mr. Worldwide

1.16.1. CJ is the Table GOD!!

1.17. Starts with a C and end with a J, the one and only, the legend, Mr. Chiranjeev Jha

1.17.1. Legendary two hour walkabouts with Linxi i love u

1.17.2. LOLOLOL TABLE GOD TILL THE END OF TIME #bowdown Mr. Worldwide

1.18. #gainz

1.19. The competitive side of HP #RIPUNICEFDODGEBALLTOURNEY...If anyone asks we won

1.19.1. RIPPPPP all the people that witnessed our behaviour that day.......

1.20. Mac and cheese

1.20.1. Mac ordering all the sushi on the menu

1.21. Mac not stealing my tiramisu..haha, jk, in my dreams. He took it

1.21.1. Walkabouts with Paola (and Mac sometimes... no comments about that) after our class with Looooorie Tuesday walkabouts, She would be so mad at us right now #Looorie #FrancophoneGoals

1.22. All my hommies on D team - y'all the best!!!!

1.23. Puke mocktails shoutout to the D team (just the one though)

1.24. Shoutout to white cranberry and red cranberry doe

1.24.1. Sensing some tension about this cranberry juice lala

1.25. #cleansweep - Global health you KNOW what I'm talking aboutttt

1.25.1. Competition is our middle name GH a.k.a Competitive fam

1.26. The stolen HP dildo

1.26.1. Can't even deal with the fact that this happened...

1.27. Nutrition meeting weekly snacks!... at 7 am

2. Your final Hi5

2.1. Hi-5 to Jenn and Sylvie for being the best HP Queens. WE LOVE YOU

2.1.1. Queens of HP forever! HI5 to our HPSs for being so supportive and amazing!

2.2. Hi5 to Olivia for truly being an amazing TL and caring so much about her team! We love you !!

2.2.1. Respect

2.3. H5 to T-team for helping so many students quit smoking. It takes a lot of courage to approach smokers about their addiction and it is amazing to me that you guys did it and helped so many!

2.3.1. Hi5 to Shae and everyone on T team for making this such a great year <3 gonna miss you guys!!! H5 to the whole T team for being an actual family. And also H5 for the whole teem thinking Shae and I were cousins. Thanks for all the love guys, I've learned so much from each of you! I'll miss all of you so much H5 to myself for being the only one who knew Shae and Sonia weren't cousins!!!!

2.4. A HUGE hi5 to Virginie and Balkiran for bringing their respective expertise to the HP Team!

2.5. One awesome, amazing, supersized Hi5 to Anaiis. #DREAMTEAM


2.5.2. HIGH FIVE NUGGETS RT RT RT shout-out to Karen, Nicola, Mark, Chelsea, Xavier, Linda and Shai. Much Love for you!

2.6. H5 to the M team aka the best team - STAR PEs all around

2.7. Hi-5 to the Global Health Team! You guys have been such an amazing and dynamic team and I am so proud of each and everyone of you. Cheers to all the wonderful memories, the laughs, the smiles and most of all, the friendships! Sincerely, One very proud TL.#EmuSquadOut

2.7.1. H5 to GB for being the best team/family ever, thank you for making this year unforgettable <3 Cue the friends finale- "it's the end of an era" GH. Love you long time my little global health weirdos *I will not cry*** P.S. You rock don't ever change xoxo H5 to GH, best team ever!! I'll never forget these incredible moments I shared with you guys over the year xxx also H5 to the dietician who was just trying to reduce waste and soon realized we planned a whole scientific publication for her REALLLLL quick H5 to GH for going from 0 to 100 real quick every team meeting. You guys are such cool people, so grateful for our truly *cosmic* experience this year. Rants will NEVER be the same!!!!! LUV U GUYS SO MUCH XOXOXOXOXOXO (love CJ a little more than everyone else tho) shooutout to GH for our wild team meetings... productivity will never be the same again

3. Funniest Moment

3.1. "Where's the naan?!"

3.2. When Nicole Ripley dressed up as the banana and did a little dance

3.2.1. This certainly made her insta-FAMOUS. I mean, the UN reposted, just sayin' HOLD ON, WHAT? LINKS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN https://www.facebook.com/pg/UOHS.SSUO/videos/?ref=page_internal

3.3. CJ when he dined and dashed

3.3.1. lol lol lol S'all good CJ we got your Chai Latte man

3.4. Discovering the weight of the food wasted in the caf is the equivalent of 1.5 Harambes

3.4.1. "how many elephants of food are we wasting tho?"

3.5. Faiyaz asking every single HP member if they could teach him how to dance

3.5.1. "you have a ring"

3.6. Every word out of Faiyaz's mouth

3.6.1. "Did you like reading the ANP textbook?" join NACs next year

3.6.2. "Oh you do the dishes?" "I'm Betty Crocker" "How do you wear those pointy shoes"

3.6.3. "Did you know skinny guys could get abs...?" "Guys.... I went to the spa...."

3.7. Sonia's rants during team meetings

3.7.1. Chai CJ

3.8. When Shae, Liv, TJ (and TJs friend) ended up in Quebec at 1 am

3.9. When everyone on T-Team thought Shae and Sonia were cousins

3.10. That time CJ forgot it was his week for snacks

3.11. "Where's my prize?!"

3.11.1. Karma got you LOL

3.12. Accidentally screaming "CONSERVE WATER" at some poor girl who just wanted directions to the SFUO office during Tabling

3.12.1. Mental Health should give this out, they are better than stress balls

3.13. Linxi and the bagel's tabling debut

3.13.1. LINXI!!!

3.14. Pre-conference Linxi ily

3.15. The debut of Paola's mad photoshop skills

3.15.1. The Bachelor Mac, Mr. Worldwide....

3.16. Shae and LInxi's tantrums about school and clingy parents

3.17. Paola and her "lollipop"

3.17.1. LOLLLL OH COMMON!!! It legit looked like one

3.18. Shout out to RGN walk abouts!!

3.19. When we planned to kidnap a little girl because she was too cute and wanted to make her our HP mascot

3.19.1. I'm CJ's biggest fan. JS #psychologofaging

3.19.2. When Mac threw the rubber chicken meat at my face

3.20. Katelyn aka Little Miss Sunshine

3.20.1. When Marisa laughed so hard she almost concussed her hand Someone doesn't have anatomical knowledge The Tinder Life #Stories #DeleteAppASAP

3.21. The grossness of the rubber meats

3.22. that time a student at 90U thought the T-team tabling session was a marijuana distribution stand

3.22.1. Bless

3.23. Mac's Obsession with gold star stickers - "STARBOY"

3.24. Being in the middle of what I thought was a really good interaction and then being asked if I'm single LOL

4. What you'll miss the most

4.1. Being with all the PE's and TL's during partnership events!

4.2. Seeing and talking with PEs when they signed into the log book in UCU203

4.3. Global Health Meetings and our delicious snacks, laughs and rants

4.3.1. When it takes us 0.5 seconds to turn anything into a full blown investigation SOMEONE LET US RUN UOTTAWA THO PLZ Trying to keep our composure in front of "outsiders" #strugglez

4.4. whoever wrote this, i apologize but you cannot be CJs biggest fan because I am #tablegod #mrworldwide #bae

4.5. Nathalie, our spirit animal

4.5.1. nat nat bo bat Nat the hairy bat

4.6. Cannot forget about Marisa and her snapchat rants

4.6.1. Still don't know who the haters are?? #Gains lololol when insomnia gets in the way of your gains

4.7. Faiyaz

4.7.1. Competitive walkabouts every Wednesday

4.8. Sonia's ideas being rejected every single time because we have no budget for her lavish ideas

4.8.1. I think I'm going to patent her lavish Game of Life-esque board game

4.9. Cuddling with Olivia and Anais, and every TL except Mac

4.9.1. Sonia wanting to do a nature walk and collect memory rocks Where would we find these rocks in our Canadian winters? Would rip apart your garden to find these rocks

4.9.2. Hi ShaDe who dis? I ain't know you

4.10. Emu Squad!

4.10.1. 30 year reunion?


4.12. Not having to bring a lunch on Thursdays due to cooking demos

4.12.1. Mac? Mac? lol nope

4.13. Liv's cat

4.14. Refilling the Keurig water

4.14.1. every single time! Thank you

4.15. The Timonthys Coffee from the Keurig

4.16. HP family lunches

4.17. Free Lip Balm and Condoms

4.17.1. Ah yeeeee

4.18. Spending all my time at HP even when I did not have office hours....

4.19. The yoga ball

4.19.1. It has its own personality It is legit ALWAYS in the way

4.20. All the laughs and being surrounded by genuinely good people <3

4.21. DOGS. dogs. dogs. oh and dogs?

4.22. GH team meetings

4.22.1. RT RT RT RT RT RT GH walkabouts! DOUGHNUTS!

4.23. So many amazing snacks at the Nutrition meetings


4.24.1. They're Grrreeeaaaatttt

4.24.2. Amen

4.25. lunging for the meeting snacks... you know who we are ;)

4.26. the HP fam and the yoga ball (obvi)

4.27. I'll miss pretending Shae isn't my bffl when she's acting all professional

4.27.1. When Faiyaz instal-stalked my boyfriend and told me he was ripped in the middle of a team meeting

4.28. My convos with Sonia about Life and life and life <3 much lovo

4.29. Walkabouts at SITE looking for Rachel's dream man