PM Process Inputs By alphabetic order (as per PMBOK 4th edition)

This mindmap presents the Project Management Processes organized by Process Inputs. It is 100% based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Fourth Edition, published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Its purpose is to help the PMBOK readers to gain a global understanding of these processes by using the friendly navigation feature of a mind map. The interactive nature of mindmaps makes it possible to answer the following questions in just one click of a mouse: - Ar...

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PM Process Inputs By alphabetic order (as per PMBOK 4th edition) by Mind Map: PM Process Inputs By alphabetic order (as per PMBOK 4th edition)

1. Stakeholder Register

1.1. Collect Requirements

2. Scope Baseline

2.1. Define Activities

3. Resource Calendars

3.1. Estimate Activity Resources

3.2. Estimate Activity Durations

3.3. Develop Schedule

4. Requirements Documentation

4.1. Define Scope

4.2. Create WBS

5. Project Statement of Work (SOW)

5.1. Develop Project Charter

6. Project Scope Statement

6.1. Create WBS

6.2. Sequence Activities

6.3. Estimate Activity Durations

6.4. Develop Schedule

7. Project Schedule Network Diagrams

7.1. Develop Schedule

8. Project Charter

8.1. Identify Stakeholders

8.2. Develop Project Management Plan

8.3. Collect Requirements

8.4. Define Scope

9. Procurement Documents

9.1. Identify Stakeholders

10. Outputs from Planning Processes

10.1. Develop Project Management Plan

11. Organizational Process Assets

11.1. Develop Project Charter

11.2. Identify Stakeholders

11.3. Develop Project Management Plan

11.4. Define Scope

11.5. Create WBS

11.6. Organizational Process Assets

11.7. Sequence Activities

11.8. Estimate Activity Resources

11.9. Estimate Activity Durations

11.10. Develop Schedule

12. Milestone List

12.1. Sequence Activities

13. Enterprise Environmental Factors

13.1. Develop Project Charter

13.2. Identify Stakeholders

13.3. Develop Project Management Plan

13.4. Define Activities

13.5. Estimate Activity Resources

13.6. Estimate Activity Durations

13.7. Develop Schedule

14. Contract

14.1. Develop Project Charter

15. Business Case

15.1. Develop Project Charter

16. Activity Resource Requirements

16.1. Estimate Activity Durations

16.2. Develop Schedule

17. Activity List

17.1. Sequence Activities

17.2. Estimate Activity Resources

17.3. Estimate Activity Durations

17.4. Develop Schedule

18. Activity Duration Estimates

18.1. Develop Schedule

19. Activity Attributes

19.1. Sequence Activities

19.2. Estimate Activity Resources

19.3. Estimate Activity Durations

19.4. Develop Schedule

20. Suggested links for further study

20.1. PMI

20.2. PM Podcast

20.3. PM Mindmaps

21. About this mindmap

21.1. Version

21.1.1. 1.5

21.2. Feedback

21.2.1. Email me your feedback, including ideas, comments and critics. If your would like to help me complete this mindmap with additional information, such as terms definitions extracts from the PMBOK, etc., your help will be much appreciated.

21.3. Future improvements

21.3.1. The next steps shall be: 1). Complete the inclusion of all process inputs, tools & techniques and process outputs. At this point, only half of the processes are fully documented. 2). Display a complete list of artefacts, display which contains or may contain which, etc. 3). Add definitions extracted from the PMBOK with due references to the book. 4). Decompose quality tools since there are many of these and include sample pictures of the various graphs that could be used. 5). Other ideas for improvement will be most welcome...