Schoology Elements

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Schoology Elements by Mind Map: Schoology Elements

1. Gradebook

1.1. Grading groups

1.1.1. reading level groups

1.1.2. create assignment once then import for groups

1.2. Bulk Edit

1.3. Missing grades get zeroes

1.4. Filtering

1.4.1. By Missing Grades

1.4.2. By Grading Groups You can view as a student other students don't see

1.5. Locking grades

1.5.1. you can shut it off when the due date come

1.5.2. that ways students aren't working in the middle of the night


1.6.1. Missing

1.6.2. missing with submission

1.6.3. resubmitted

1.7. Categories

1.7.1. match to powerschool

1.8. Push one way into PowerSchool

1.9. setting grade scales/categories

1.10. Student mastery grading

2. Portfolio

2.1. Keep files for next year

2.2. Performance Portfolio

2.3. Private or public

2.3.1. can be just to instruct and course members

2.4. Schoology: Student Portfolios how to create a portfolio

3. Blog

4. Updates

4.1. Polls

4.2. Daily Learning Objectives

4.3. Announcements

4.4. Daily Agenda

4.5. click the bell to make the announcement stick to the top of the page

4.5.1. could be test announcement

4.5.2. coudl be lesson plan link

4.5.3. could be class rules

5. Badges


5.2. to create them

5.2.1. use custom dimensions 100.100 works best for size

5.3. go to resources

5.3.1. add a badge, set up colors, shapes

5.3.2. make sure you name the badge

5.3.3. add a message to say something to the student when they earn one.

6. Schoology Menus

6.1. Bio Page

6.1.1. add a pic

6.2. Notifications

6.2.1. shows if a grade is updated

6.2.2. tells if an assignment is added

6.3. Message Center

6.4. Account Settings

6.4.1. linking two accounts

6.4.2. getting notifications on phone

6.5. Right Side Menu

6.5.1. Due dates

6.5.2. overdue assignments

6.5.3. calendar

6.6. courses/groups

6.6.1. groups within the school

6.6.2. public groups you can search its like "liking" a page in facebook

7. Media folders

7.1. Meme fun folder for students to add to

7.1.1. or motivational quotes

7.2. bulid a portfolio of pictures of art/woodworking

7.2.1. can be critiqued from there too

7.3. pinterest style pcitures to help study for tests

7.4. photo albums of special events in class

7.4.1. students then share a special memory in writing about that moment

7.5. photo gallery of historical moments tied to class subject

7.6. share videos which are hard to load in other areas

7.7. quizzing: what is being inferred by this picture

7.8. steps in a science project

7.9. Groups: load a video of a performance for self and partner critique

7.10. mystery challenge: figure out what the pictures are clues leading to

7.11. vocabulary assignment for pictures to depict the words

7.12. photos of math in the real world

7.13. coaches: post drills

7.14. book covers with a short review

7.15. hall of fame

7.16. tech solutions

7.16.1. post to get help

7.16.2. post videos of how to solve problems

7.16.3. post links to solve

7.17. yearbook filing system by activity

8. Resources

8.1. Public

8.1.1. files to share with others

8.2. Private

8.2.1. archive of course units

8.2.2. Use to save back up of course

8.3. Group

8.3.1. files to share in your groups

8.3.2. One Act, sports, Quiz Bowl, etc.

8.3.3. APS files Time schedules AUP forms Curriculum files PD files/folders lesson plan guides calendar of inservice dates

8.4. Collections

8.4.1. Library scans

8.4.2. audio books

8.4.3. Shared Textbook files

8.5. Rubrics

8.5.1. can use public ones save to your resources as is can adapt rubric

8.5.2. make your own copy to course add standards objectives

8.5.3. add to courses

8.5.4. add to assignments

8.5.5. ideas for Rubric use point collection for weekly grades checklists (only 1 or 0 points) binder checks

8.6. Learning Objectives

8.6.1. Custom Standards (NE)

8.6.2. Unit Objectives

8.6.3. Curricular Objectives

8.6.4. standards

8.7. archived courses

8.7.1. see last year's folders and work

8.7.2. to see assingments

8.7.3. find strong and weak examples

8.8. OER Open Educational Resources

8.8.1. images flickr pics a bay google is too broad

8.8.2. videos

8.8.3. courses

8.8.4. software

8.8.5. files/texts Creative Commons for texts

8.8.6. free and openly licensed

8.8.7. go beyond just googling for something

8.8.8. build your own curriculum cost saving on textbooks textbook get outdated interactive/dynamic adaptable several lexile levels can personalize OER commonly used sources Merlot OER commons cK-12 Curriki OpenEd gooru Learn Zillion EdSitement The Orange Grove OpenMichigan Study Sync Newsela - nonfiction Tween Tribune - nonfiction articles with quiz CommonLit - fiction/non, arrange by theme with Questions Library of Congress (research) - units, lessons StorylineOnline - video of books being read AR 360 (for leveled readings) - audio library strategies to find Resrouces 1. what are you actually trying to do? purpse 2. plan what you are searching for to set up lesson 3. curate materials from different sources that you like the best. You will find a lot. Have a strategy for curateing. (find more than what you want, then evaluate for your best choices) -- use Google Keep extension to find and mark what you want for evaluation later. (Flip board to keep track, or a google doc to keep your URLs) 4. evaluate, gather and organize 5. synthesize 6. reflect

9. Materials

9.1. Assignments

9.1.1. Submit

9.1.2. Resubmit/Revision

9.1.3. set due date and auto goes to calendar

9.2. Quiz/Test

9.2.1. Different types of questions fillin blank use a single underscore to get a blank

9.2.2. can use for longer surveys

9.2.3. Lockdown browser pay for one or watch the kids in remote or watch visually

9.2.4. Exam View does work download into schoology

9.2.5. Enhanced Assessments/Questions Types (rubric can be tied to individual questions in a test) multiple choice True False Fill in Blank word bank Fill in Blank Drop down fill in blank drag and drop drag the DLW correction label to the words in the text matching ordering Short answer/essay label image graph paper pdf images maps highlight hotspot pictures with hotspots in them and the student clicks the right area spanish passage to click parts mentioned highlight image highlight text incorrect grammar in a paragraph labeling parts of speech in DLWs math short answer illustrate your answer for math equations has special keyboards for different types of math can replay the student's assignment work number line timeline of a story drag the labels to the line can be partial credit world events chart set up the x and y axis, then move the bar to reflect the info can be partial credit bar chart or histogram math variable opinion scale course evaluation how prepared were you to test professional development

9.3. Links

9.3.1. to web pages

9.3.2. use embed codes set width in HTML to 100% so it works for mobile devices (in <iframe src... width="100%... /iframe>

9.4. Discussion Boards

9.4.1. See in Threads

9.4.2. Good for Paragraphs

9.4.3. Good to see other students reflect to others

9.4.4. you must post before you can read anyone else (button) set moderation (so students can't edit their first post (keeps them from posting a period, submit, then they can see other people's work, write their and post again)

9.5. Publish/Unpublish folders

9.6. Pages

9.6.1. embed discussion boards right into the page

9.6.2. embed txt dependent questions in the page

9.7. progress folders

9.7.1. put all items in first

9.7.2. don't set up the progress settings until all is in and assigned

9.7.3. you have to set the due dates in the Bulk Edit in the gradebook

9.7.4. Student completion rules

9.8. Organizational choices

9.8.1. unit folders

9.8.2. quarter folders

9.8.3. course folders (elem)

9.8.4. weekly folder

9.9. GoFormative

9.9.1. app in Ipad that changes PDF worksheet by putting #s by the pieces

10. Teacher Tools

10.1. View as student

10.2. Analytics

10.3. course quiz analysis

10.4. mastery

10.4.1. report on objective mastery from rubrics

10.4.2. custom learning objectives (saved in my resource)

10.5. members menu

10.5.1. create grading groups

10.5.2. add members

10.5.3. add adults to view

10.5.4. parents who joined are listed

10.6. project based learning

10.7. inquiry

10.8. peer instruction

10.9. student created content

11. Parent View

11.1. see grades

11.2. can see updates

11.3. can see your student's posts

11.4. can see gradebook

11.5. can see portfolio

11.6. can see blog

11.7. can see all of your children

11.8. summary page

11.9. Parent access code/letters

11.9.1. members area

11.9.2. Admin user: Manage Users, Click parent/adviser, search by last name, select bulk action, view access code.

11.9.3. access code to CSV file

12. Grouping/small groups

12.1. permission slips

12.2. announcements

12.3. book clubs

12.4. sharing resources

12.5. photo galleries

12.6. handing out "papers"

12.7. creating teams to work together

12.8. extend the dates to cover more than one school year

13. My Schoology Set Up

13.1. Begin of year folder each class

13.1.1. syllabus

13.1.2. how schoology folders are organized teac how to organize their laptop files

13.1.3. how to use gradebook and powerschool

13.1.4. how to message me messages to me are a to do list messages to students can be seen by admins and your teachers (same with discussion boards)

13.1.5. class rules

13.1.6. lesson plans link use then use the address for a single link that doesnt need to be updated use slides in google docs and add your agenda google calendar updates won't save to next year calendar in Schoology use a google document

13.1.7. shared google doc or a wiki for shared information literary terms

13.1.8. Copy of student handbook

13.1.9. Add rubrics from Resources to each of the classes I use them in

13.2. parent folder

13.2.1. guidelines

13.2.2. how grading works/why different

13.2.3. how to tell if student submitted

13.2.4. how to read a rubric grade

13.2.5. contact me

13.2.6. how "missing" zeroes work and how I know to fix them (after all other grading done)

13.2.7. online learning benefits preps for college courses/career success (career readiness link) broaden peer group safely collaboration ready for DL classes (spanish as sophs) more learning options (Odysseyware, online high school, online MPCC courses credit recovery college courses personalized learning address different learning styles

13.2.8. roles of student/parent/teacher

13.2.9. explain Popcorn night

13.2.10. personalize learning (grammar stations at their own level or with what they are struggling with

13.2.11. student create demo of how to copy/paste assignments if away from Internet and still need to do homework. Also, how to submit the assignment when you return.

13.2.12. Parent survey: ask about online assignments, internet connection at home, etc. Post results after survey.

13.2.13. school supply list and what used for: ear buds, 3 inch binder, index divider tabs, highlighters, red pen, pencils

13.3. import/export iCal calendars

13.4. Goals for myself

13.4.1. add meme of the week

13.4.2. visuals each folder (notes)

13.4.3. add apps to supplement study

13.4.4. Make pages interesting different fonts visuals for each page color boxes/tables

13.5. course set up

13.5.1. which page for student landing page

13.5.2. privacy settings

13.5.3. elements of schoology allowed per course

13.6. Google set up

13.6.1. sharing with me

13.6.2. adding Kami extension for PDF reading

13.7. color code folders

13.7.1. grammar is yellow, etc.

13.8. course options: privacy settings: discussions: edit by admin only (instead of all members so kids can't edit their posts)

14. Google Integration

14.1. apps

14.2. drive

14.2.1. grade within Schoology

14.2.2. distrirute a unique copy

14.2.3. if you "save" all your documents into Google Drive so they don't get lost, then you can choose from the list

14.3. classroom

14.4. lives inside Schoology

14.4.1. add from an app: Google Drive (or something else) automatically makes a copy for each student

14.4.2. adds a progress view (list of students to choose from) and make comments

14.4.3. can submit to the instructor directly from here

14.4.4. you can see the rubric while viewing Google Doc

14.4.5. parents will be able to view this assignment even though Google Docs

14.4.6. teachers can see progress of work before submission

15. PowerSchool

15.1. push one way for grades out to PS

15.2. import classes/teachers/students from PS

16. Tech Set Up

16.1. SSL Certificate

16.2. divisions of ages (elem, MS, HS)

16.3. domain name

16.4. set up school calendar

16.5. how roll over for new school year?

16.5.1. do before PS or after PS set up?

16.6. Begin of year

16.6.1. check to see if users come over check usernames, etc. email set in PowerSchool

16.6.2. check courses come over

16.6.3. copy grade set up from archived courses click gradebook in archive: grade setup: copy settings: select new course

16.7. End of Year

16.7.1. use bulk edit to check for unpublished, un graded, no grading period, points, categories, due dates if you unpublish, powerschool may still have the column, so you'll need to clean up that column

16.7.2. course archives archive tab: all courses packaged together, happens automatically Create a collection in your resouorces section first --- save course to resources: materials tab option: save course to resources

16.7.3. Deactivate accounts: graduating students, parents out of system, teachers leaving, students leave the system

17. Accounts

17.1. link accounts for those with Callaway accounts

17.1.1. use two different email accounts

17.1.2. go to yoru name in upper corner, add credential, add second email account to link

17.2. Callaway spanish kids use access code to see his class

17.2.1. monitor may need to do grades in PS

17.3. change usernames to email logins

17.4. admin login separate from teacher

17.5. Roles

17.6. merge duplicate users

17.6.1. free account

17.6.2. paid accounts

17.6.3. can't be undone

17.7. Parent Set Up

17.7.1. send letter home

17.7.2. access code for all of their own kids

17.7.3. one login for family

17.7.4. sped teacher sign up as parent click send update at 5 p.m. weekly digest of info

17.7.5. can see what is due every day

17.8. Advisor Groups

17.8.1. good for sped teachers

17.8.2. homeroom teachers to oversee

17.8.3. might work with coaches

18. Implementation Goals

18.1. K-12 all use for something

18.2. 6-12 Focus on one class, all capabilities

18.3. K-5 find methods/maybe for parents

18.4. Arnold first goal was to post an update every day

18.5. Co-Teacher

18.5.1. set up Liz to add to the course and assign to Alex/Aaron individuallly make a step by step for her to follow

18.5.2. set up step by step for her follow

18.5.3. add teacher member to course, then make admin

19. Outside applications (LTI)

19.1. Google Drive

19.1.1. Force a copy share anyone with link copy/paste URL

19.2. Khan

19.3. Learn360

19.4. Quizlet

19.5. YouTube

19.5.1. embed videos

19.5.2. links

19.5.3. You Tube channel

19.5.4. watch and respond to discussion (embed the video)

19.6. quizziz

19.7. Check4Learning

19.7.1. doesn't work inside Schoology

19.8. EdPuzzle

19.8.1. lets you ask questions mid video, does work for public one

19.9. Learning Tool Interoperability LTI

19.9.1. single sign on

19.9.2. inside Schoology interface

19.9.3. grades might even interact how do I make quizlet interact with gradebook?

19.10. Brainpop

19.11. Installation:

19.11.1. Manual system settings,integration, external tools (form with several steps, get info from the vendor)

19.11.2. App Center quizlet gives you the key because they are free, others will require a vendor number

19.11.3. add to organization or just me? configure each one install button and configure button must both be done

19.11.4. once installed, where does it go? under add materials/external tools make sure you enable grading shared secret and custom parameters API - any tech platform Links/Exteral Tools

20. Workload Planning

20.1. see what other teachers have planned

21. Elementary Ideas

21.1. Individual Assignments

21.2. Centers

21.3. Group assignments around 1 device

21.4. media albums to share photos to parents

21.5. Student completion folders for when there is a sub, forces an order

21.6. Edpuzzle lets you ask questions mid video and on many public ones

22. Schoology Ambassadors Program (like Apple Distinguished)

23. Admin

23.1. school analytics

23.1.1. see year end stats of how much used

23.2. co-teacher

23.2.1. in course members: add member, then make admin

23.2.2. now they can make their own folders and individually assign

24. Schoology Set Up

24.1. Plan for groups

24.2. plan end of year

24.2.1. understand archiving click courses, see all, then click the archive tab check permission settings for teachers to view if you haven't archived any courses, then you won't see the tab

24.2.2. check end dates for courses before setting up the next year create a grace period for submitting grades, archiving resources, etc.

24.2.3. double check the gradebook look at settings to push to powerschool check that everything is graded

24.3. plan beginning of year

24.3.1. encourage the Schoology mobile app for their smart phones

24.3.2. plan gradebook settings to push to PowerSchool % categories copy settings from last year or previous quarter