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KWHL Chart by Mind Map: KWHL Chart

1. Education Technology

1.1. What do you KNOW about Education Technology?

1.1.1. I know that education technology has to do with using it in a classroom setting. I know that technology is a new way of reaching today's students and it makes learning more interactive and fun. I know Education technology is centered around using technology for active education learning and that it could cut down on some education expenses and it will save trees. I know how to use Powerpoint and that's it!

1.2. What do you WANT to know about Education Technology?

1.2.1. I want to know how effective education technology is in the classroom? What are the most effective technology used in schools today? I want to become more knowledgeable on when/where its appropriate to use technology. But most of all What is it exactly??

1.3. HOW are you going to find out?

1.3.1. I plan on finding out by reading the book and through the coursework of this class. I also plan on doing as much research as I can to fully grasp this topic. I also want to use a few of the websites and apps that are available.

1.4. What did you LEARN about Education Technology?

1.4.1. I have learned that Education Technology is a fast growing epidemic! An amazing teaching tool for the 21st century. Education Technology is the use of technology to help facilitate learning and improve performance by creating and using technological processes (Wikipedia). Nearly all the schools across the U.S. have some use of education technology in the schools, mainly budget limiting factors cause some schools to not integrate technology as much as others. I also learned that there are a ton of educational websites and applications for devices such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets etc. for grade levels Pre-K all the way up to adult education. Many of these websites and applications help teachers teach the material in a new, fun innovative way, but it also sparks creativity and organization skills in learners. I am blown away at how far technology has come in the educational setting. There are websites that help with reading/writing translations for students whose first language isn't English, there are also websites and applications that help students whom struggle with reading and reading out loud in the classroom. There are also applications that keeps parents in the loop of what their child is learning as well as how they are progressing. Some applications and sites used are there to encourage group work, critical thinking and creativity. Education Technology is a widespread epidemic that I am not mad that is happening. So exciting! I have learned so much during this course. I was just named the Chief of Training for my job 2 weeks ago and I can not wait to incorporate some of the websites and applications I learned about in this class! Especially ones that turn tough lesson plans to teach into fun interactive games! Again, so excited!