Why Animals should not be cloned.

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Why Animals should not be cloned. by Mind Map: Why Animals should not be cloned.

1. CA Cloning pets is good its a good way of keeping your pet around. But if someone's allergic to dogs or cats and your pets around they will just get sick and tell you stuff about your dog like "Hey take your fur ball outa here!!"

2. Reason 1 Pet owners have ordered thousand of clones instead of just saving the lives of pets that are killed every year.

2.1. Sound reasoning 1 According to Animal Rights groups thousands of animals are killed every year. (Scholastic scope) (Should you clone your pet 28).

3. Reason 2 Cloning pets is extremely expensive it can cost up to 150,000 dollars.

3.1. Direct Quote 2 Joyce McKenny said "Cloning ruined my life, you know, it ruined my life." Taking care of 5 very sick dogs is too much work. (Global Animal) (Reasons you shouldn't clone your pet).

4. Reason 3 The pet you clone will be very different from your original in different ways like maybe your original was very active and loved to play and the clone will be very lazy.

4.1. Direct Quote 3 According to the BioArts Press Release why they are leaving the pet cloning industry because they said "... One - clone which was supposed to be black and white - was born greenish-yellow where it should have been white... (Global Animal) (Reasons you shouldn't clone your pet).