teens should not do extreme sports

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teens should not do extreme sports by Mind Map: teens should not do extreme sports

1. Injuries

1.1. During the teen years, our bodies are still maturing, so an injury from extreme sports could damage bones or growth plates, leading to major lifelong consequences.-Choice

1.2. a bad fall or collision aren’t the only reasons to steer clear of extreme sports; injuries are disruptive in the short term too. They can keep teens out of school for weeks, setting students back and possibly preventing them from progressing to the next grade on time.-Choice

1.3. 40,000 head and neck injuries happen every year from extreme sports. This can lead to lifelong injuries like, being paralyzed, brain damage, and even death.-Choice

2. Maturity

2.1. The seriousness of injuries for both sexes increases with age and the level of competition. A less developed child competing against a mature child is at greater risk for injury. Children should be matched and grouped according to skill level, weight, and physical maturity-Kyanna Sutton

2.2. Marvin Zuckerman, one of the modern fathers of sensation-seeking theory, reported that skydivers, hang-gliders and scuba divers were high up on the sensation-seeking behavior continuum along with gamblers and drug addicts, much of the research concerning extreme sports psychology has concentrated on this link — sensation-seeking as a negative personality trait. As defined by Zuckerman, sensation-seeking is the pursuit of novel and intense experiences without regard for physical, social, legal or financial risk. Indeed, scientists have discovered some similarities between the brains of drug users and high sensation-seeking athletes.- Lindsey Konkel

2.3. the decision-making part of our brain isn’t fully grown, we’re naturally more impulsive and prone to taking risks without any calculations. So it is important that we learn to take responsibility for our bodies and to pause and consider what might go wrong.-Choice

3. though adrenaline makes you stronger. It is only for a short amount of time, and still proves to make you make bad decision.

4. Before you go extreme sporting think about all the risk you take.

5. Defects

5.1. California has recently classified skateboarding as a “hazardous recreational activity,” a status enjoyed by a few other sports like hang gliding and surfing. Such a classification makes it more difficult to win lawsuits against the government for injuries incurred on public property.-Transworld Sakteboarding

5.2. In the past, government entities have often paid small amounts to settle those lawsuits because it proved less expensive than defending against them in court. But according to one former city attorney, they may be increasingly less likely to do so. Now, individuals injured while skateboarding on public property may have to look for another source of compensation for injuries, and the next logical target would be skateboard manufacturers, distributors, and retailers._Transworld Skatevboarding

5.3. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has the authority to issue a mandatory recall, but that entails a lengthy legal battle — time when the product remains on the market. Officials have another arrow in their quiver: the "unilateral announcement." Though just a news release, it alerts consumers, puts merchants on notice and shames the obstinate company. That's what happened in August 2008 with certain Simplicity bassinets after the company "refused to cooperate and recall the products." The announcement prompted major retailers to pull the product.-Chucago Tribune

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