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Divergent by Mind Map: Divergent

1. Factions

1.1. Abnegation

1.1.1. Current leadership

1.2. Amity

1.3. Erudite

1.3.1. Planning to take over the leadership

1.4. Dauntless

1.5. Candor

1.6. Factionless

1.6.1. You become factionless, when you're not good enough for one of the factions

2. Will

2.1. Friend of Beatrice

2.2. Beatrice kills him because he was injected by the serum and he wanted to kill her.

3. Al

3.1. Friend of Beatrice

3.2. Tries to kill Beatrice

3.3. Kills himself, because otherwise he would become factionless

4. Eric

4.1. Trainer of the new dauntless

4.2. Works for Jeanine Matthews

4.3. Born in the Erudite faction

4.4. Injects the dauntless with the serum

5. Tori

5.1. Bron in the Erudite faction

5.2. Her brother was killed because he was a divergent

5.3. Is a tattoo artist

5.4. She knows Beatrice is a divergent and she says Beatrice can tell no one that she is, otherwise she will get killed

6. Marcus Eaton

6.1. Father of Tobias Eaton

6.2. Born in the abnegation faction

6.3. Erudite spreads the news Marcus abusing his son

7. Caleb Prior

7.1. Born in the abnegation faction

7.2. Son of Natalie and Andrew Prior and the brother of Beatrice

7.3. Chooses for Erudite at the choosing ceremony

7.4. But leaves Erudite when the finds out about their plans

8. Natalie & Andrew Prior

8.1. Parents of Beatice and Caleb Prior

8.2. Natalie was a dauntless

8.3. Both die when they try to safe Beatrice

8.4. they live in the abnegation faction

9. Jeanine Matthews

9.1. Leader of Eruditie

9.2. Wants to depose abnegation

9.3. creates a serum and puts it in to the dauntless

9.4. Makes a programm to control all of the dauntless

9.5. Wants to kill all of the divergents

10. Tobias ''Four'''Eaton

10.1. Son of Marcus Eaton

10.2. Is also a divergent

10.3. He was the best dauntless of his year

10.4. Born in the abnegation faction

10.5. Was asked to be leader of the dauntless twice, but refused.

10.6. Has a relationship with Beatrice Prior

10.7. His nickname is Four because he has 4 fears

11. Beatrice ''Tris'' Prior

11.1. Headperson

11.2. Daughter of Natalie and Andrew Prior

11.3. Born in the abnegation faction

11.4. Is a divergent

11.5. Has a relationship with Tobias Eaton

11.6. Friends with Christina, Will and Al

12. Christina

12.1. Friend of Beatrice,

12.2. Born in the Candor faction

12.3. Becomes a dauntless and gets controlled by the serum Erudite made

13. Peter

13.1. Born in the candor faction

13.2. Always makes fun of Beatrice

13.3. Calls Beatrice stiff