Fame and fortune can not make you happy.

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Fame and fortune can not make you happy. by Mind Map: Fame and fortune can not make you happy.

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2. Attention

2.1. You might get recognized on the street.

2.1.1. Though you might think that the recognition would be amazing. Everywhere you go you are most likely going to be stoped and sked for an autgraph or a photo. Even the Queen B herself, Beyonce, said that she loves the attention when on stage but would be happier if she could "cut it off" when she isn't on stage and lead a normal life. Attention can be amazing however sometimes privacy is more important.

3. Temporary happiness

3.1. ""It's the kind of happiness you get when buying a new purse" is what Donna Rockwell, a psychologist that specializes in the mental health of celebrities"

3.2. "According to a study at the University of Rochester in New York "True happiness derives from close relationships, time to focus on personal growth, and connections to your community."

3.3. "That kind of happiness fades within no time." -Donna Rockwell

4. Trust

4.1. "It difficult for celebrities to trust new people because they can not differentiate whether or not the said person likes them for their fame an fortune or if they like them for them"

4.2. "In many cases it is difficult for celebrities to make and keep true friends because they always have the thought in the back of their minds wondering if they are or are not real friends."

4.3. Relationship expert Shirley Glass said that “Intimate relationships are contingent on honesty and openness. They are built and maintained through our faith that we can believe what we are being told.”

5. Stress.

5.1. To us it might seem like fairy tale. Designer gowns, exclusive events, all eyes on you. However it does carry a large amount of stress with it. The Queen B, Beyonce, says that she loves the attention when on stage however she would be happier if she could "cut it off" when not on stage and and lead a normal life.

5.2. "In an interview with Vanity Fair, a magazine about culture, fashion, and current affairs, Jennifer Lawrence said that even stepping outside gives her anxiety.

5.3. These days celebrities aren't able to go shopping, walk the dog, of go get their mail without being bombarded by paparazzi and having pictures taken of them. We forget that they are people to if you were in their situation would you appreciate it if you weren't able to do anything without being asked for an autograph or a picture with somebody on the street?