Metro Purchasing Demystified

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Metro Purchasing Demystified by Mind Map: Metro Purchasing Demystified

1. Is Purchase Over $1000?

1.1. Yes

1.1.1. Is it for an Artistic Purchase? Yes Is it Under $4000 No Requires Purchase Order. Please get 3 Bids

1.2. No

1.2.1. Is it for an Artistic Purchase? Yes Direct Voucher Using Invoice and Arts Vendor Short Form No Does the Vendor have an EBS account

2. Skylar

2.1. With Skylar ready to create a purchase requisition, based on the type of purchase, Ian provides Skylar with accounting information. Ian may reach out to Staff Liaison for clarification

2.1.1. Skylar creates Purchase Requisition Requisition is sent to department purchasers for approval. This process takes about a day. Once the requisition is approved, it is ready to be flipped to a Purchase Order, which an agreement with Vendor. Skylar will ask Caroline to flip the PO.

3. Staff

3.1. Staff need to work with vendor to correct the issue.

3.1.1. Once issue is corrected, Staff needs to notify Skylar

4. Skylar

4.1. Skylar will verify with iSupplier that the Vendor profile is corrected, and will work with Caroline to flip the requisition to a PO.

4.2. Skylar will work with iSupplier to see what problems the Vendor has with their profile

4.2.1. If there are problems, Skylar will ask Staff member to reach out to the Vendor have them correct the issue.