Factors That Lead To Cheating In Exams

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Factors That Lead To Cheating In Exams by Mind Map: Factors That Lead To Cheating In Exams

1. To have good grade

1.1. Students have big stress from their family about getting good marks.

1.2. They sees many classmates have high marks.

1.3. They want people around them to praise and feel good to them.

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2. Heavy academic workbook.

2.1. A lot of syllabus cumbersome.

2.2. Overly strict grading in test.

2.3. Poor study skill.

2.4. Poorly explained concept by teachers.

2.5. Find it difficult to answer questions.

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3. Inadequate preparations.

3.1. Do not prepare their exams.

3.2. Having their part time job.

3.3. Suffering illnesses.

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4. Peer influence.

4.1. Students see their friends getting good result by cheating.

4.2. Low enforcement rule.

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5. Financial Aid

5.1. Poor financial backgrouds.

5.2. A good result and high GPA ensures financial iad in the form of scholarships.

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