Scientific Skills

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Scientific Skills by Mind Map: Scientific Skills

1. 12 Science Process Skills

1.1. 7 Basic Science Process Skills

1.1.1. Observing Gather information of an event

1.1.2. Classifying Grouping events based on categories

1.1.3. Measuring & Using Numbers Using tools to measure event

1.1.4. Making Inferences Guessing an event based on previously gathered information

1.1.5. Predicting State the outcome of future event based on previous experiences

1.1.6. Communicating Using words, graphics/symbols to describe an event orally

1.1.7. Using Space-Time Relationship Describe changes in parameter with time

1.2. 5 Integrated Science Process Skills

1.2.1. Interpreting Data Rational explanations about an event from collected data

1.2.2. Defining Operationally Describe what must be done and what should be observed

1.2.3. Controlling Variables Manipulated variable Cause something to change in an experiment Responding variable What will be measured in the experiment Fixed variable Something cannot be changed so that it won't occur the result of experiment

1.2.4. Making Hypothesis State the expected outcome of an experiment *relationship between the manipulated and responding variables

1.2.5. Experimenting Conduct an investigation to test a hypothesis, collecting & interpreting data until a conclusion can be obtained.

2. Relationship between Thinking Skills & Science Process Skills

2.1. Attributing

2.2. Analyzing

2.3. Relating

2.4. Visualing

2.5. Comparing & contrasting

2.6. Making hypothesis

2.7. Making inferences

2.8. Making conclusions

2.9. Making generalisations

2.10. Sequencing

2.11. Prioritising

2.12. Detecting bias

2.13. Generating ideas

2.14. Synthesising

2.15. Grouping

2.16. Classifying

3. Required to find solutions to problems/find answers & make decisions systematically

4. Manipulative Skills

4.1. Use and handle science apparatus & substances correctly

4.2. Store science apparatus & substances safely

4.3. Clean science apparatus correctly

4.4. Handle specimens carefully

4.5. Sketch specimens, apparatus & substances accurately