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How do we fix content by Mind Map: How do we fix content
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How do we fix content

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Start tracking what we have and what we need.

What do we track?

What are videos worth?

Pay more?

Monthly payments?

Time it takes to train a new person to create videos.

Make it easier

Make it faster

What about patches.

How long will our content be relevante

After patch will we have content problem again?

Mass gladiators

Let's formalize and template everything so we can attract mass gladiators

How do we find them?

What happens if we get too many?

Template everything

Template invitation to skill-capped.

Fix application page.

Have resources available for new gladiators to get started who have never used any editor before.

Good pricing

What do we want oru videos to look like?

New VIDEO EDITOR and support resources

Lets get to an autonomous system.

User requested content

System for gladiators to fulfill user requested content

User validation of fulfilled content

More content managers

Maybe we need more people out recuriting and managing content