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How do we fix content by Mind Map: How do we fix content
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How do we fix content

Tracking, Tracking, Tracking

Start tracking what we have and what we need.

What do we track?

Track how many videos from each class each week., Be able to see all weeks back to start, See each gladiators in each class and how many they have contributed., See totals for class

Track which videos are needed., Request videos to be required, Assign video requests to gladiators, Be able to see progress and tell when video is finished

What are videos worth?

Pay more?

Ideas, For 2 months pay ALOT for videos. Until we get atleast 100 more.

Monthly payments?

Time it takes to train a new person to create videos.

Make it easier

everything in writing that they have to read

Make it faster

Resources available for them to get started makign videos quickly

Templates available to help them conform to our standards

What about patches.

How long will our content be relevante

After patch will we have content problem again?

Mass gladiators

Let's formalize and template everything so we can attract mass gladiators

Send out tons of invitations to gladiators

All gladiators will fill out application who are intersted

New node

How do we find them?

Look at top list of 100-300 gladiators send them all our email template and links to prices / resources available., Let them apply and if they can create good videos, that's great.

What happens if we get too many?

Quantity, We specify that we only consistently accept videos from tier 1 gladiators., All other gladiators are at risk of having their videos rejected at any time.

Quality, We have other people verify their quality / correctness, We have users verify their quality / correctness, Bring back the rating scales..., If the video gets x rating then it's good.

Template everything

Template invitation to skill-capped.

Tells them about perks, Profit shring, affilaite, Name recognition

Tells them about how much money they can make, Concrete prices per video.

Fix application page.

Start accepting sampel videos

Have resources available for new gladiators to get started who have never used any editor before.

Good pricing

Make it desirable to sign on and make videos for us.

What do we want oru videos to look like?

Basic frameworking that gladiators can adhere to that will help them create quality content.

New VIDEO EDITOR and support resources

Video editor is holding us up big time, vegas is too difficult to obtain. Let's find other cheap viable solutions.

Lets get to an autonomous system.

User requested content

System for gladiators to fulfill user requested content

User validation of fulfilled content

When content is submitted, the requestors and other users validate it's quality. If a video isn't of high enough quality, then the content request stays up and is not fulfilled.

More content managers

Maybe we need more people out recuriting and managing content

Can we pay them?

Who will we use?, Probably contributors and top players