Utopia - Thomas More

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Utopia - Thomas More by Mind Map: Utopia - Thomas More

1. Working life

2. Agriculture most important job every person taught for two years on how to farm

3. Utopia means nowhere place can never exist

4. Overview

5. Christian Sythesis

6. Humor and Parody

7. Property divided & Affect on society

8. Slavery

9. Goverment

10. Social critique of great britain

11. Finding happiness

12. Thomas More's Utopia is a christian humanist view of an ideal society

13. More does not simply offer a theoretical view, but provides specifics for how to create this world

14. Utopia offers a christianized form of Plato's Republic

15. Gambling, hunting, makeup and astrology are all discouraged in Utopia

16. The christian aspect of the synthesis is Christ's gospel of caring for the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden

17. The platonic, republican tradition is the greek aspect of the synthesis

18. More wrote Utopia with a comedic tone, allowing him to speak his truth while telling a deeper story

19. The local political system is called a sty which is more calling all the people in great britain pigs

20. The island contains 54 towns each having 6000 households

21. Every household has between 10 -16 adults

22. No private ownership

23. no locks on doors

24. Every ten years you have to move

25. Goverment in charge of houseing

26. Women and men did the same work

27. every citizen must learn at least one of the other essential trades: weaving (mainly done by the women), carpentry, metalsmithing and masonry.

28. Two slaves in every household

29. criminals are weighed down with chains made out of gold

30. Consists of people from other countries or criminals from the utopia

31. Slaves periodically released for good behavior

32. Provided free hospitals

33. Euthanasia permissable

34. premarital sex punished by a lifetime of enforced celibacy and adultery being punished by enslavement

35. Meals are taken in community dining halls and the job of feeding the population is given to a different household in turn.

36. there are no lawyers and the law is made deliberately simple, as all should understand it and not leave people in any doubt of what is right and wrong.

37. Utopia is a communist society

38. Great britain is a monarchy

39. A monarchy on paper may seem more corrupt on paper as appose to a perfect world where everyone is equal but that is unrealistic

40. Don't have to worry about housing or food or main stability factors, less stress compared to our society

41. Freedom of religion

42. Allowed to be divorced