Rational Vs. Radical Functions

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Rational Vs. Radical Functions by Mind Map: Rational Vs. Radical Functions

1. Radical Functions Vs. Rational Functions

2. What is a radical function?

2.1. A radical function contains a radical expression with a variable in the radicand.

3. What is a rational function?

4. The graph has a numerator and denominator that are polynomials.

5. Rational?

6. Graphs:

6.1. .

7. a rational function is any function that can be defined by a rational fraction. Such that both the numerator and the denominator are polynomials.

8. Real World Examples

8.1. Rational?

8.1.1. .

8.1.2. . Cost of living Medical Dosage Economic Production of Goods Radical?

9. Video:

10. Getting started

10.1. Radical?

10.2. As you can see, the function has a radical in it.

10.2.1. This is a child idea

10.3. Radical and Rational Asymptotes

10.4. If both polynomials are the same degree, divide the coefficients of the highest degree terms. If the polynomial in the numerator is a lower degree than the denominator, the x-axis (y = 0) is the horizontal asymptote.

10.5. The curves approach these asymptotes but never cross them. To find the vertical asymptote(s) of a rational function, simply set the denominator equal to 0 and solve for x.

10.6. Radical and Rational asymptotes are the same when looking at their graphs.

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