The Roaring 1920's

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The Roaring 1920's by Mind Map: The Roaring 1920's

1. In Home: Radio, When Edward S Rogers created the alternating currents radio tube it allowed people to power radios with their in home electricity.

2. Famous Canadians: Mary Pickford, Was born in Toronto, became a film actor writer and director. Fay Wray, Was and actor, played the lead female role in King Kong.

3. Foreign Influences: Americans influence on pop culture, about 300 American magazines were selling in Canada, more Canadians were reading American books than Canadian ones.

4. Public Entertainment: Comedy movies were very popular at the time, most were slapstick comedy.

5. Leisure Time Sport: Professional Sports, The NHL was created in 1917 and all 5 teams were Canadian, in later years more teams appeared across the border but most of the players were still Canadian.

6. Social Events: Music and Dance were very popular in the 1920's like Jazz and the Blues, the Charleston was the most popular dance.

7. Canadian Innovations

8. Entertainment

9. Transportation: Air Travel, Former fighter pilots began to fly to travel across the country. In 1924 the Canadian government made the Royal Canadian Air Force, they were created to patrol forest fires and watch for smugglers coming across the border.

10. Human Rights: Aboriginal rights, First Nations people could have all the rights of British Citizenship, like voting, which meant they could no longer have their first Nations Status.

11. Treatment of Minorities: The Klu Klux Klan targeted African Americans and Jews, they showed how prejudice Canada and the U.S. still were.

12. Government Intervention: The Canadian Government banned Mennonites, Heitterites and Doukhobors from entering Canada, Japanies immigrants were limited to 150 per year.

13. Civil Unrest: After WW1 Canada changed its immigration policy, they wanted to have more Britain and American immigrants compared to any other countries.

14. Personal Life Improvement: Consumer goods: Electric stoves, and refrigerators, cars and toothpaste were some new things that were available to the public, cheap electricity had made middle to upper class Canadians life more comfortable.

15. Science and medicine: Discovery of insulin, in 1922 Dr. Frederick Banting tested insulin on a 14 year old diabetic boy, his diabetes were not as much of an issue after the treatment and is now a worldwide treatment.

16. Technology: Phones, first "regular dial phone" appeared in Toronto in 1924 and 75% of Canadians had phones by the end of the decade.

17. Canadian Identity

18. Social Developements