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Nervous System by Mind Map: Nervous System

1. Neuron resting at -70mv. Signal Depolarises neuron to -55mv. Signal has thus reached axon hillock. Travels down axon to synaptic end bulbs. Neurotransmitters get released. They travel across the synaptic cleft and bind to receptors on the opposite membrane of a dendrite or cell body. If enough neurotransmitters arrive the signal will carry on.

1.1. Depolarisation

1.1.1. From -70mv heading towards -55mv

1.2. Repolarisation

1.2.1. Returning from +35mv back to -70mv

2. Functions

2.1. Control internal environment

2.2. Memory and learning

2.3. Control and initiation of Movement

3. Proprioceptors

3.1. Chemoreceptors

3.2. Joint Kinaesthetic

3.3. Muscle Spindles

3.4. Golgi Tendon Organs

4. Nerve Signal flow

5. Brain and Spinal Cord

5.1. Central Nervous Sytem

6. Structures

6.1. Nerves and Neuroglia

6.1.1. Peripheral Nervous System Sensory Division Motor Division Somatic Autonomic

6.1.2. Neuron structure Dendrites Cell Body Axon Axon Hillock Schwann cells and Myelin Sheath Synaptic End Bulbs Neurotransmitters

6.1.3. Neurons communicate with Another nerve Communicate via a SYNAPSE A muscle A gland