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Introduction to Constitutional Law by Mind Map: Introduction to Constitutional Law
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Introduction to Constitutional Law

Introduction: Constitutional Law is an extremely interesting area of the law. It isn't a separate discipline, like Family Law or Bankruptcy Law, but it spans across every legal arena in the United States. Although the United States Constitution was written over 200 years ago, it still governs the ways in which our courts operate, our government functions, and our laws are made. There are 51 constitutions in the United States; 50 state constitutions and the United States Constitution. State constitutions and state laws cannot conflict with the United States Constitution, because it is the “supreme law of the land.” The Founders of our country and the drafters of the US Constitution knew that times would change. They also knew that the laws would have to be relevant to the citizens of the future. As a result, they built in measures to allow the document to be changed if American citizens thought a change was needed. They gave the Supreme Court the right to interpret the laws, balanced by the legislative branch of the government’s ability to make the laws and the executive branch’s duty to enforce the laws. The result was a living document that has stood the test of time.

1765: The Quartering Act

1777: Articles of Confederation

1775: Revolutionary War Begins

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1775: Second Continental Congress

1773: Boston Tea Party

1750: French Troops

1754: British Leaders

1755-1763: Historical Background

1763: The Stamp Act

1770: Boston Massacre

1774: First Continental Congress

1776: Declaration of Independence

1787: The Great Compromise

1788: Constitution Ratified