Boot Camp Revolution Project

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Boot Camp Revolution Project by Mind Map: Boot Camp Revolution Project

1. Marketing Strategy

1.1. Funnels (Kajabi)

1.1.1. Funnel Names & Descriptions (see descriptions "Free Secrets" (see video content at left) "Free Workouts" "Membership-Limited" Membership-Free

1.1.2. Basic Funnel Processes Squeeze Page opt-in -> Event 1 Opt-in Email sent from Infusion Sales Email sent from Infusion -> Link to Event 2 Sales Email sent from Infusion -> Link to Event 3 Sales Email sent from Infusion -> Link to Sales Page

1.2. Offline

1.3. Psychology

1.3.1. Big Cash Flow

1.3.2. Build a big list

1.3.3. Great List relationship

1.3.4. Strategy List building on steroids Build a great relationship with list Create Raving Fans Build a Crushing Offer Identify deadly sales letter Massive Positioning Power Product Launch Parachute Screw up 80% of it and it works

1.3.5. Tactic Stories Reciprocity - give great stuff to people - they want to give back Event Based - like a ritual that everyone loves Anticipation Social Proof Proof Show people that stuff works Community

1.4. Cost per Click (AdWords)

1.5. Attract JV Partners

2. Research & Viability

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. $$ figures?

2.2. Mission

2.2.1. To create products and services of fitness. wellness and motivation that will serve others to create the most fulfilling life. 3 Questions we ask with every decision we make: Did I give our customers all the tools necessary to succeed so that it will serve them? Did we give them the tools to live a healthy life? How will they be able to serve others with their fitness. Questions to Ask What is our topic? Who is our audience? What are their needs? What is our story What is our solution? Are we fully serving this community Does the website answer these questions? How will we campaign our programs? Who will be our promo partners? What consistent free content will we provide? How will we create Value, Distinction and Service of content?

2.3. Product Niche

2.3.1. Blend of the 3 hottest things Home Workout Low Cost Convenience (moms, weather) Social Media Connect through the Community Connect with other subscribers Connect with the people in the video Connect with Coach Cliff Reality TV A New Program Daily Follow "real" people

2.4. Competition

2.4.1. Doesn't yet exist in this format

3. Membership Area (Kajabi)

3.1. Subscription Programs

3.1.1. Basic Membership = $59.99

3.1.2. Premier Membership = $99.99

3.1.3. Free 1 Week Trial (no restrictions)

3.1.4. Free 30 Day Trial (limited restrictions)

3.1.5. Free Membership (for influencers)

3.2. Content (the product)

3.2.1. Daily Workout Videos

3.2.2. Extra Goodies

3.3. The Community

3.4. Product Content (the stuff in the member's area

3.4.1. Video Fim Boot Camp videos

3.4.2. Copywriting Write good content for the "Goodies"

4. Online Content

4.1. Sales Content

4.1.1. Home Page Simple Screen with one Video and OI Social proof in video

4.1.2. FaceBook Video on Home FB Page OI

4.1.3. Website Copywriting Prelaunch Content (Headline) Prelaunch Content (Story) PreLaunch Content (Story and Social Proof) PreLaunch Content (Benefits and Guarantee) Sales Letter or Video (Call to Action)

4.2. Kajabi Funnel Content

4.2.1. Intro Video Sign Up Congrats Video How to Set up your room for working out equipment needed DB, clothes and shoes, mat, RB, towel, water, fan Cardio or place to run outside Intro video each athlete in the videos

4.2.2. Video 1 - What to do first Nutrition Session 3 tiered Week 1, Week 2, Week 4 Cooking Classes Weekly Nutrition software? Nutrition handout Day 1 Day 1 Exercise Video for Veterans Fit Test Video - create assessment and reassessment video Day 1 Modifier Video - 2 weeks long

4.2.3. Weekly Content Nutrition live call Review acc journals New research 1 tip 1 success story Mental motivation Motivational Interview Weekly Newsletter

5. Operations

5.1. This is Bernadette's section!

5.1.1. Finalize Terms

5.1.2. Intial Production Visit Production Site Confirm terms of use of Production site Confirm Videographer/Editor terms for first 30 videos Select 2 to 4 vidoe participants Initial Videos Content Initial Marketing Spiel Welcome Video Workout Vidoes 1 - 30

5.1.3. Initial Marketing

6. Athletes

6.1. Description

6.1.1. One Female - Mom, kids, works, 20-30 pounds to lose

6.1.2. One Male - fit, married, kids, has 30 pounds to lose - knows the movements

6.1.3. One female - The Modifier, 50 years old, fit

7. New node