Expressing Future Plans & Arrangements

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Expressing Future Plans & Arrangements by Mind Map: Expressing Future Plans & Arrangements

1. 5. Other forms

1.1. SOON

1.1.1. VERY SOON be about to + infinitive They are about to start. be on the point of + - ing As we were on the point of giving up hope, a letter arrived.

1.1.2. VERY VERY SOON - often for negative things be on the verge of + NOUN + VERB-ING be on the brink of + NOUN + VERB-ING


1.2.1. Official Arrangements be to Egyptian parliament says Merkel is to visit Egypt next week. Rajoy is to visit 379 ham factories before the elections .

1.2.2. Arranged or expected for a certain day/time. be due to He is due to arrive at ten .

2. 4. Future Continuous

2.1. ARRANGEMENTS - They will happen anyway , very often independently of what we decide .

2.1.1. COMPARE I'm flying to India tomorrow morning = I've booked the tickets etc. I'll be flying to India tomorrow = the company has arranged it or I've been told to fly there etc.

3. However , sometimes Future Continuous & Present Continuous are the same.

4. NOTE : This is the same as : I'm going to go to the supermarket. (we often omit 'go' after 'going to')

5. 1. Present Continuous


5.1.1. 'We're having dinner with the Mansons tomorrow evening.'

6. 2. be going to

6.1. CLEAR INTENTION (but perhaps not fully scheduled)

6.1.1. I'm going to the supermarket later this evening.

7. 3. Present Simple

7.1. future events that are part of a timetable or a schedule

7.1.1. 'The plane leaves at 2 0' clock.'

7.1.2. The pub opens at 5.00

8. 0. Will ? Not really used for Plans & Arrangements

8.1. PREDICTIONS e.g. It'll probably rain this afternoon.

8.2. SPONTANEOUS DECISIONS e.g. I'll jump !! (click on image)