Continents and Oceans

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Continents and Oceans by Mind Map: Continents and Oceans

1. Africa

1.1. Africa is a continent with 54 countries on it! There is a rich culture in Africa, but it is still developing. Many people are impoverished and do not have a way to get a good education.

2. Asia

2.1. Asia is the biggest continent in the world! There are 48 countries on this continent with many different cultures. Most people divide it into 3 different sections--the Middle East, Russia, and Eastern Asia.

3. Australia

3.1. Australia is the smallest continent on Earth, and is only one country! Australia is home to the Kangaroo and Koala, and it's capital Sydney is famous for great snorkeling and opera!

4. Antarctica

4.1. Antarctica is so cold that people do not live here! Here, you can only find penguins, whales, and seals!

5. North America

5.1. North America is where we live! There are 23 independent countries on this continent. North America has lots of different climates and cultures. In northern North America, you may find someone who speaks French or English. In the United States, everybody speaks English, and the further south you travel, you will find that everybody speaks Spanish!

6. South America

6.1. South America is known for its festive and fun culture. There are 12 countries and 3 territories here. Perhaps the most famous parts of South America include the Amazon, the Andes Mountains, and famous landmarks like Machu Picchu.

7. Europe

7.1. Europe has a rich history and even though it is a small continent, it has 50 countries!

8. Oceans

8.1. Pacific

8.2. Atlantic

8.3. Indian

8.4. Arctic