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The Ring by Mind Map: The Ring

1. Two - photon emission from thin superconducting rings irradiated by coherent microwave fields

2. 75 eV is xUV

3. Magnetic skyrmion logic gates: conversion, duplication and merging of skyrmions

4. Regular Magnetic Black Holes and Monopoles from Nonlinear Electrodynamics

5. Muon Ring

6. Obviously, crossing two Neel walls is not the only way to generate magnetic vortex...

7. Snapshot - Core at the very moment of polarization reversal.

8. Manipulating magnetic vortices in a superconductor with a Bloch wall

9. highly ordered artificial spin ice

10. Nanoscale switch for vortex polarization mediated by Bloch core formation in magnetic hybrid systems

11. Polarity reversal of a magnetic vortex core by a unipolar, nonresonant in-plane pulsed magnetic field

12. Photon emission near superconducting bodies

13. Switching the Magnetic Vortex Core in a Single Nanoparticle

14. Black Holes in Magnetic Monopoles

15. Scientists have managed to create artificial magnetic monopoles. To do this, they merged tiny magnetic whirls, so-called skyrmions. At the point of merging, the physicists were able to create a monopole, which has similar characteristics to a fundamental particle postulated by Paul Dirac in 1931.

16. Lock

17. Capacitor effect for magnetic monopoles in spin ice

18. Anti-gravity Effect? Gravitational Equivalent Of A Magnetic Field Measured In Lab

19. Stargate movie first activation

20. It has been found that the field from a vortex is similar to that from a magnetic monopole located a distance z=−1.27λ (λ is the penetration depth) below the superconductor surface.

21. Magnetic monopoles discovered by LCN Scientists

22. Spin-motive force due to a gyrating magnetic vortex

23. Images of spin-wave emission from magnetic vortex cores.

24. Resonance Effects: Tesla Bifilar Coil Alternating Field Rotating a Magnetic Compass

25. relativistic mass

26. Perfect single crystals of magnesium diboride

27. Gamma Conversion into a Muon - Anti-muon Pair

28. A New State of Quantum Matter

29. Has new ghost particle manifested at Large Hadron Collider?

30. Particle Acceleration in a Plasma Channel

31. Jump to lightspeed

32. Muon Accelerator

33. MECO (Magnetosphere Eternally Collapsing Object)

34. AMS Dipole and racetrack coil assembly

35. in a clean superconductor, any applied current will cause vortices to move.

36. Current induced magnetic skyrmions oscillator

37. Thin Foil Hat :)

38. Muon Diffusion in Superconductors

39. Magnetic Vortex Lattice as Muon Trap?!

40. 2 stage mechanical oscillator

41. Cavendish experiment

42. Muon or photonic molecule "doped" superconductor?

43. spiral bevel gear

44. muon beam

45. Cyclotron chamber

46. Gravitational vortex detected around black hole

47. (a-d, top row) STM Fermi-level conductance images of the vortex lattice of V3Si as a function of applied magnetic field at 2.3 K. (e-f, bottom row) Corresponding auto-correlation images showing the unit cell of the vortex lattice undergoing the hexagonal-to-square symmetry transition.

48. Physicists Say They've Created a Fluid With 'Negative Mass'

49. Bose-Einstein Condensation Picture of Superconductivity in High Temperature Superconductors (Dilute Metals)

50. photonic molecules

51. Superconductivity in the alkali metals (...) from the potential alkali metal, hydrogen (H), to the neglected alkali metal, francium (Fr), with lithium (Li), sodium (Na), potassium (K), rubidium (Rb) and cesium (Cs) lying in between.

52. Spiral pole pieces of the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron