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21st century skills application Howland by Mind Map: 21st century skills
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21st century skills application Howland

primary goals for being involved in school leadership

See attached letters

particular areas of interest

define clear goals and objectives for 2011-12 implementing and refining the framework

Burkes Talks, Upper School, Lower School

Use Scheme in EPG cycle

Make a short term long term plan

Introduce it as a tool for student reflection

Creation Spaces

professional development opportunities completed in areas of school leadership


Innovation Think Tank

Emerging Technology

Technology Communication committee

co chair 21st century committee

Mission Committee

Tech community, Scratch Day at Burkes

Designers, Siftables, Toontastic

Hardware, iPad initiative, Robots, WeDos and Picoboard

Jr First Lego League for fall 2011

other schools

NYCIST K-5 curriculum

Head search Cathedral

strategic planning committee

Assistant director of technology Packer

Faculty Playgroup

Co Chair NYCIST K-5 curriculum groun

conferences and workshops

Urban 2008


social media k-8

Nueva 2009

CUE Monterey

Harker 2009

STEM for girls

Connection collaboration creativity and application

Innovation 2010

Fedex days

Brain conference

MY own workday

Maker Faire

D School


New node