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Snapchat by Mind Map: Snapchat

1. History

1.1. Founders: Evan Spigel and Bobby Murphy

1.2. Fist version of snap chat was called picaboo in 2011

1.2.1. In 2012 they came out with snapchat video In 2013-2014 they came out with snapchat storiesm and chat 2017 they introduced discover which is content from a varaite of publishes such as CNN, Cosmeploitin, and food network

2. Uses

2.1. Send video and pictures

2.2. View subscriptions/ discover

2.3. Share memories/ put snaps on your story

3. Benefits

3.1. Sending pictures that get deleted after opened

3.1.1. Another way to keep in touch with your friens

3.1.2. look at online content rather than paying for a magazine

4. Privacy

4.1. The collect infomation about you from the information you give them, the information they recieve when you use their serive, and information they get from third parties

4.2. All of the snap chats you send are automatically deleted

5. Risks

5.1. Someone taking a screenshot of your picture

5.2. Someone could hack into your account if you are not careful with your password

5.3. A random creepy indicudual can send you bad pictures

6. Definition of responsible use of social media

6.1. Responsible social media means using your social networks for what they intended to be made for. Do not give out any of your super personal information. Do not post bad things. A general rule is if you wouldn't want your grandma or pastor to see it do not post it.

7. Best way to practice

7.1. 1. Send pictures to only the people you can trust

7.1.1. Do not send naughty pictures because someone could screen shot it Double check who your sending a specific photo to