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Web Culture & Cultural Studies by Mind Map: Web Culture & Cultural Studies
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Web Culture & Cultural Studies

A. Web Management. Organize ideas, design

1. Plan d'action

2. Carte mentale

3. Sondage


E. Community Management. Social Networks

Blog of course

Student Works


Useful Links


ARC (under work)


CFI inalco

B. Web Mastering. Practise with internet tools

1.How to create a blog with free tools

2.How to create web site with free tools

3. How to create blog & web site with CMS, html 5, ...

C. How to develop & manage your digital identity & e-reputation

online cv

D. How to make curation (veille d'information)

1. scoop it

2. netvibes


4. Veille professionnelle

G. Design & publish your creation multimedia

1. Design

2. Publish

F. Management of Communication Project

Blog of course

Student Works