Process and Threads

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Process and Threads by Mind Map: Process and Threads

1. process

1.1. a program in execution

1.2. Process Elements

1.2.1. identifier

1.2.2. state

1.2.3. priority

1.2.4. program counter

1.2.5. memory pointers

1.2.6. context data

1.2.7. I/O status

1.2.8. accounting

1.3. control block

1.3.1. possible to interrupt a running process

1.3.2. Created and managed by the operating system

2. Process and Threads

2.1. Single Threaded

2.1.1. A single thread of execution per process, example: MS-DOS

2.2. Multithreaded

2.2.1. A Java run-time environment is an example of a system of one process with multiple threads

2.3. Processes

2.3.1. The unit of resource allocation and a unit of protection

2.3.2. Protected access to processors, files, I/O reosurces

2.4. Benefits of threads

2.4.1. Takes less time to create a new thread

2.4.2. Switching between two threads

3. Operating system control structures

3.1. OS need information to manage processes and resources.

3.2. Four different types of tables

3.2.1. memory tables

3.2.2. Io tables

3.2.3. File tables

3.2.4. process tables

4. Process states

4.1. trace

4.1.1. the behavior of an individual process by listing the sequence of instructions that execute for that process

4.1.2. processor can be characterized by the traces of various processes are interleaved

4.2. dispatcher

4.2.1. switches processor from one to one

4.3. Process Creation

4.3.1. Occurs when a new process is to be added