Pathway to a chosen career

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Pathway to a chosen career by Mind Map: Pathway to a chosen career

1. Career Planning

1.1. Skills developed through study

1.1.1. Year 1 Self awareness What does a student need to be aware of within themselves? Opportunity awareness What opportunities are available for each individual student?

1.1.2. Year 2 Self-marketing What is involved in self-marketing? Understanding what it takes to be successful in the recruitment process

1.1.3. Year 3 & 4 Skill development Further development by taking part in ECU's various programs Create & develop resume` and cover letter Explore alternative job opportunities to common career paths Exploring the interview process

1.2. Career hub

1.2.1. Job board

1.2.2. Links & resources

1.2.3. Selection criteria

1.2.4. Interview skills

1.2.5. Networking skills

1.2.6. Resume writing

1.3. One-one-one career adviser

1.3.1. Available from the moment of enrollment

1.3.2. Continued support available after graduation if required What kind of support can be available after graduation?

2. Volunteering

2.1. Working in large teams

2.1.1. Who is working in a team?

2.1.2. What type of work is involved?

2.2. Networking

2.2.1. What kind of people can be met through volunteering?

2.3. Confidently step out into the workforce

2.4. Teaches time management

2.4.1. When will time management be needed the the career planning process?

2.5. Where can a student volunteer?

2.6. What kind of volunteering is available?

3. Mentoring

3.1. Helps to reduce stress & anxiety

3.1.1. Increases self-confidence

3.2. Provides opportunity to assist peers

3.2.1. Resulting in the development of leadership skills Where can these skills be used in the future?

3.3. Peer mentoring program

3.3.1. Creates a link with second and third year students

3.3.2. How does a student enroll to be mentored?

3.3.3. How does a student enroll to be a mentor?

3.3.4. Available to all first year undergraduate students

3.4. Improves skill-set

3.4.1. Interpersonal skills What are interpersonal skills?

3.4.2. Communication skills

3.4.3. Problem solving skills