DIG Vision

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DIG Vision by Mind Map: DIG Vision

1. Hiring and Career Growth

1.1. Mentoring

1.1.1. Mentorship for folks in marginalized groups

1.1.2. Gain skills to move up in internal career

1.1.3. Maybe mentor in groups or cohorts?

1.2. Tracking metrics related to Diversity and Inclusion

1.2.1. Hiring pipeline diversity

1.2.2. Personal gender identification at point of hire

1.2.3. Diversity of folks with 1+ year of employment with us

1.2.4. Women, nonbinary folks, and people of color in leadership

1.3. Resource groups

1.3.1. Getting to where we have enough people of color for a POC Employee Resource Group

1.3.2. Mosaic networking group or employee resource group

1.4. Diversifying the Hiring pipeline

1.4.1. Career days at local schools Have representation there for a variety of roles

1.4.2. Partner with D&I departments at local schools to find interns

1.4.3. Development opportunities with colleges

1.4.4. Specifically encourage diverse referrals

1.4.5. DIG video on hiring page of our website

1.4.6. Holding 1/2 day informational interviews with people interested in transitioning to tech work

1.4.7. Making it so the chance of candidate from our recruitment pool being hired cannot be predicted or explained by demographic indicators

1.5. Increase reach of DIG

1.5.1. DIG lunch or other informational session about DIG and ways to be involved, as part of onboarding

1.5.2. Everyone in company rotates onto DIG at some point

1.5.3. Expand DIG and P&C roles at Leadpages

1.5.4. DIG training for all new managers

1.6. Fostering growth

1.6.1. Ask all employees, "What is your ideal position with Leadpages?". Encourage unlimited thinking, and support them on that path.

1.6.2. Make it so the chance of an employee being promoted cannot be readily explained by demographic indicators

1.6.3. Lunch and Learns for marginalized folks

2. Awareness and Education

2.1. Outreach and Service

2.1.1. Task our video team with making a new diversity video

2.1.2. Share a published manifesto of where we stand as a company in relation to diversity and inclusion

2.1.3. Presence at diverse hiring events

2.1.4. Promote dogfooding for non-profits which serve marginalized groups

2.1.5. Presence at events like Pride

2.1.6. Managers and leadership speaking about diversity and inclusion at events

2.1.7. Podcast Find ways to improve and share more widely

2.1.8. Host free calls with our customers about what we are working with and learning around diversity and inclusion, and how they could apply those learnings and actions to their own businesses

2.2. Let's Talk About It email newsletter

2.2.1. Expand list to include interested folks outside our organization?

2.3. Create a safe space

2.3.1. Talk About It mentors - creating safe space for exploratory conversation around D&I

2.3.2. Foster meaningful work relationships between people who are dissimilar to each other

2.3.3. Establish understanding that it is OK to be new to conversation around diversity and inclusion - welcome people who find themselves in that position

2.3.4. Encourage people to ask open, honest questions about D&I

2.4. Training topics (for training events, and possibly documentation/primers)

2.4.1. Understanding the difference between equity and equality

2.4.2. What is Safe Space and why do we need it?

2.4.3. Elevating Other's Voices

2.4.4. How to deal with making mistakes

2.4.5. Experiment: What is it like to use our product if visually impaired?

2.4.6. D&I Lunch and Learns for LP employees

2.4.7. Bring in outside D&I experts/speakers

2.5. Hearing each other

2.5.1. Lunch and Learns - open forum, any topic a person wants to present on

2.5.2. Telling stories about ourselves

2.5.3. Have diverse voices within LP describe what inclusiveness means to them, and what it looks like to them

2.5.4. "When did you feel excluded?" - Breakout sessions with small groups, sharing each person's answer to this question

2.5.5. Open discussion times for events in the world that are related to D&I

2.6. Focussed ongoing discussion groups

2.6.1. Listening Party: Group listens to podcast related to D&I, then discusses

2.6.2. Book Club: Authors from diverse cultures

3. External Networking and Recruiting

3.1. More diverse speakers at Converted

3.2. All hiring managers be DIG ambassadors

3.3. DIG podcast HH/event

3.3.1. Invite guests from within and without Leadpages

3.3.2. Listen to episode and discuss

3.4. Create "My Leadpages Story"

3.5. Write a book about Leadpages' journey as a startup, our philosophies about D&I, and how those intersect

3.6. DIG recruiting event

3.6.1. Host talent and give opportunities to talk about roles, tips for success, etc.

3.7. Make it so our recruitment pool resembles the distribution of recent college graduates (CS majors?)

3.8. Support professional development for people from marginalized groups

3.8.1. Host school fieldtrips and workshops

3.8.2. Internship program for entry level developers

3.8.3. Volunteer with organizations that promote diversity More team volunteer opportunities Actively celebrate people from Leadpages volunteering in this way Volunteer in youth education for tech or marketing work, to young people in underserved groups

3.8.4. Scholarships for Converted attendees from marginalized groups

3.8.5. Sponsor and support a http://reveacademy.org/ semester-long project

3.9. Make connections with other companies that foster Diversity and Inclusion

3.9.1. Lunch and Learns with other local tech companies on issues related to D&I

3.9.2. Elevate and celebrate diverse businesses that use our products (via blog, podcast, etc)

3.9.3. More diverse marketing and product partners

3.9.4. Host a Women in Tech Leadership meet-up

3.10. Curate list of organizations to join and/or volunteer for, that foster Diversity and Inclusion