Succession in a Mid-western forest

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Succession in a Mid-western forest by Mind Map: Succession in a Mid-western forest

1. For Example

1.1. A Major Disturbance, such as a large fire, wipes out a forest ecosystem.

1.1.1. 1st Succession Low growing annual grasses and forbes, become perennial. (k-selected species prevail)

1.1.2. 2nd Succession Woody shrubs and shade intolerant, fast growing tree species grow among the grasses and herbs.

1.1.3. 3rd Succession Taller and longer lived trees begin to replace the pioneer tree species.

1.1.4. 4th Succession Long lived hardwoods dominate the canopy, understory is populated with shade tolerant species. This persists until the next big disturbance... then the process will begin again.

2. A Simple representation of forest succession.

3. Definition of Succession: The gradual supplanting of one community of plants by another

4. Standard: Ecology Env. 1.2