ITS Department Catalog of existing Streaming Services

The map of what Streaming services we have, who provides them, etc...

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ITS Department Catalog of existing Streaming Services by Mind Map: ITS Department Catalog of existing   Streaming Services

1. "Streaming Services Matrix"

2. Streaming Products-3rd Party

2.1. Sonic Foundry/Mediasite

2.1.1. Quick 2 Minute Introduction to Mediasite

2.1.2. Customer Testimonials

2.1.3. "Why Choose Mediasite?"

2.1.4. Video Links and examples Closed Caption Payer Example High Quality Medical Class Audio/Video/Slides Player Example: Big Bend Community College Webcast Example: "Getting the Buy-in and Budget to Launch Hybrid Courses" Can Mediasite webcasting be used for Distance Education and to Increase Enrollment? ASU College of Engineering Webcast Example: Past Mediasite Webcasts Embedded Mediasite Player in webpage: (Real Examples) Educomm2010 Orchestra Revolution Algonquincollege/Presidents Breakfast Embedded Mediasite Catalog in webpage: (Real Examples) land/wildlife/hunt/deer/vidcast Business School Using Mediasite University of Michigan Ross School of Business Mediasite Overview & public Mediasite Catalog: Michigan Ross Business School Lecture Capture Texas Tech Rawls College of Business Mediasite Public Catalogs: Video Testimonial on Mediasite at UC Irvine School of Business The University of Chicago - Booth Graduate School of Business public Mediasite Catalog Video Conferencing Working with Polycom Video Conferencing System Mediasite Example of Webcast using Polycom Videoconference (Overview of the Sloan C Virtual Pass Conference) Lecture Capture 5 Secrets to Funding Lecture Capture Understanding Lecture Capture - University of Toledo (on-demand webinar) Event Coverage System Mediasite Recorder Control Center for version 5.4

2.1.5. Mediasite User Group Community Website

2.1.6. Extra Notes:

2.2. Cisco

2.2.1. Cisco Content Management PDF

2.2.2. Article - Campus Technology "Cisco Unveils New Video Collaboration and Communication Tools"

2.2.3. Case Study - UC Berkeley California.pdf

2.2.4. Case Study - Arizona State.pdf

2.3. Kaltura

2.3.1. Current Customers

2.3.2. Product Tour Video

2.3.3. Hosted vs. Free Community Supported

2.4. ShareStream

2.4.1. "Teaching and Learning"

2.4.2. "Modular and Agnostic"

2.4.3. Article - Campus Technology: "ShareStream 5 Gets Unlimited File Uploads"

2.5. Flumotion

2.5.1. Screen Shots

2.5.2. Demo Site

2.5.3. Free Download

2.5.4. "ShareStream Partners"

2.6. Wowza

2.6.1. Pricing

2.6.2. Customers

2.6.3. Case Studies

2.6.4. Testimonials

2.6.5. Live Streaming Demos

2.7. Landro Player Analyzer

2.7.1. "Introducing Landro" video

2.7.2. "Landro and Speech Pathology"

2.7.3. Enterprise Edition Documentation

2.8. Brightcove

2.8.1. Editions & Pricing

2.8.2. "HTML5 - Facts & Fiction"

2.9. IIS Media Services

2.9.1. Overview

2.9.2. "Using Delegated Administration" video

2.10. Helix DNA Server

2.10.1. Product Overview

2.10.2. System Architecture

2.10.3. Helix DNA Demo Videos

2.10.4. Helix DNA Licenses

2.11. Kit Digital

2.11.1. KIT Enterprise Platform

2.11.2. Current Client List

2.12. Twistage

2.12.1. Product Page

2.12.2. System Architecture

3. Documents

3.1. Streaming Server Requirements

3.2. "Third Part Streaming Options"

4. Possible IN-House Solutions

4.1. ITS HTML5 Video Server

4.1.1. "Zen Coder" Zen Coder Features Zen Coder Pricing

5. TX State "Use cases"

5.1. CDIS Clinic - Health Professions

5.2. McCoy Business "Sales Lab"

5.2.1. Project Requirements by Vicki West

5.2.2. Sales Lab "Executive Summary"

5.3. Educational Counseling Center

5.4. Alkek Library

5.4.1. "Streaming Media at the Alkek Library"

6. Enterprise Media Architecture

6.1. Streaming - The Technology

6.1.1. Navigating HTML5 Video

6.1.2. "HTML5 - Facts & Fiction.pdf"

7. Classroom Technologies

7.1. ITV Video Conferencing

7.1.1. Stream LIVE Feed

7.1.2. Telephone VoIP/SIP

7.1.3. Cisco/Tandberg/Codian MCU H.323 Desktop ConferenceMe

7.2. Lecture Capture - CamRelay

7.3. Desktop Video Conferencing

7.4. Teaching Theaters

7.4.1. Digital Rapids

8. ETC

8.1. TV Studios

8.1.1. A/V Fiber Network ATT Centennial TT Evans Auditorium LBJ Ballroom LBJTT Stadium Press Box Strahan Coliseum

8.1.2. CH. 17/19 HaiVision videofurnace

8.1.3. Photography

8.2. Faculty Project Lab

8.2.1. "Request Streaming Services"

8.2.2. Lecture Capture - CamRelay

8.3. R&D

8.4. Instructional Design

8.5. Instructional Design

8.6. Creative Design

9. Academic Computing