Conventions of a thriller film

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Conventions of a thriller film by Mind Map: Conventions of a thriller film

1. Narrative

1.1. The aim of a thriller is create a build up of suspense and tension for the audience

1.2. Protagonist and Antagonist often share similar characteristics or properties

1.3. Often contain graphic and violent scenes

1.4. Often start peacefully

2. Mise en scene

2.1. Low key lighting to create an eerie atmosphere

2.2. Dark colours used throughout

2.3. Weapons

2.4. Set in isolated locations such as haunted houses or woodland areas

2.5. Shadows

3. Sound

3.1. Silence to create a suspenseful atmosphere

3.2. Slow and eerie music that build to create an uncomfortable feeling

3.3. Digits sounds such as breathing or footsteps

4. Camera

4.1. High angle shots to display the vulnerability of characters

4.2. Shots from a canted to angle to show something is not right

4.3. Close up shots to show the emotions of characters

4.4. Establishing shots to show the location

4.5. Shots of the antagonist cut quickly to hide their identity

5. Editing

5.1. Fast transitions to build suspense

5.2. Black and white shots

5.3. Cross cutting to build suspense