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Wikipedia Fact Sheet by Mind Map: Wikipedia Fact Sheet
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Wikipedia Fact Sheet

Rationale of this mind map (August 6, 2008) I'm writing on an article about modes of collaborative knowledge production in internet encyclopedias. This mind map is my first try using MindMeister for organizing my ideas about the structure of the investigation for each internet encyclopedia. At the moment I am looking into the following projects (alphabetically sorted) Austria Forum (AF) Citizendium (CZ) Digital Universe (DU) Encyclopedia Britannica (EB) Encyclopedia of Life (EoL) Scholarpedia (SP) Wikinfo (WI) Wikipedia (WP)





Rank (Alexa)



Sister Projects


There seems to be a conflict between GFDL and CC which should be solved in the future (reference?) What is the conflict? Where are examples of CC Licnese? Look up for references about license policy.

Gnu Free Documentation License (GFDL)

Creative Commons by-sa (CC)

Further investigation necessary: Rationale? Reason for change?


No limitation of subjects

Business Model

Donation, Fundraising

Editorial Policy

Neutral Point of View (NPOV)

No Original Research (NOR)


Free license

Editing without registering

Quality Assurance

extra map for more details


(still to be researched)