EDBT 2011 Uppsala

This talk gives an overview of the state of Graph Databases and the efforts that lead to the expression and processing of queries that are easy to construct and don't touch the whole connected graph dataset.

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EDBT 2011 Uppsala by Mind Map: EDBT 2011 Uppsala

1. Thanks to

1.1. Emil Eifrem, http://neo4j.org

1.2. Marko Rodriguez, http://markorodriguez.com- graphy friend

1.3. Alex Averbuch, SICS

1.4. Pierre Senellart - Invited me

1.5. Tore Risch - EDBT 2011 Chairman

2. Who am I?

2.1. Peter Neubauer

2.1.1. [email protected]

2.1.2. @peterneubauer

2.2. OSS projects

2.2.1. Neo4j.org- Graph Database

2.2.2. Tinkerpop.com- Graph Processing Stack

2.2.3. OPS4J.org- OSGi Java

2.2.4. Qi4j.org- Domain Driven Design

2.3. Company

2.3.1. Untitled

2.4. papers on graphs

2.4.1. "The Graph Traversal Pattern" with Marko Rodriguez, http://arxiv.org/abs/1004.1001

2.4.2. "A Path Algebra for Multi-Relatoinal Graphs" with Marko Rodriguez, http://arxiv.org/abs/1011.0390

3. NoSQL

3.1. History

3.1.1. 2009

3.1.2. OSS

3.2. Trends

3.2.1. Data Size Exponential growth Polarization mobile/cloud

3.2.2. Data Complexity User generated content Frequent schema migrations Sparse data Targeted analytics Social graphs Reasoning and automatic enhancing of information Dynamic languages

3.3. Data Models

3.3.1. KV stores

3.3.2. Bigtable (Column)

3.3.3. DocDB

3.3.4. GraphDB Graphs Data Locality Graph Models Persistence Models K/V Store Memory based Object Databases RDBMS Wrappers Multilinked storage format Others