World War II Key Events

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World War II Key Events by Mind Map: World War II Key Events

1. Hitler's Begins His Dictatorship

1.1. Begins his Blitzkreig

1.1.1. Raids Beglium

1.1.2. Raids Holland

1.1.3. Raids France

1.1.4. Then continued to raid parts of Britain

1.1.5. Suffers his first setback in Stalingrad

1.2. Mass murders Jewish people in Auschwitz

1.2.1. Around a million innocent people killed

1.2.2. Auschwitz liberated by Soviet Troops Russians reach Berlin Hitler has to commit sucide

1.3. Began his dictatoship very quickly

1.3.1. Cause Italy to surrender Invades Poland in September 1939

1.3.2. Raises Swastika flag in Versailles

1.3.3. Promised for a fair election, but lied

1.3.4. Integrated a communist society Forced various laws to be passed Illegal to form political parties

2. Bombing of Pearl Harbor

2.1. December 7, 1941

2.2. Primarily Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Territory, U.S, Location

2.3. U.S. entered the war as a result

2.3.1. Killed around 3000 Americans

2.3.2. Affected the United States greatly Within hours the U.S. was ready to fight Everything was viewed as a war effort All citizens wanted to help

2.3.3. Japan and U.S. were very tense

2.3.4. First war for American soldiers

2.4. Japans first moves in World War II

2.4.1. They later conquer Singapore Fought Britain and India in Bruma

2.4.2. Completely unexpected attack

2.4.3. Have atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima Surrendered as a result

2.4.4. successful bombing for Japan

3. D-Day

3.1. June 6, 1944

3.1.1. Was originally planed for June 5th Bad weather forced a 24 delay

3.2. Led by General Dwight Eisenhower

3.2.1. Led the U.S. and allied troops

3.2.2. Invaded Normady Isles in France Was the begining and end of the wars Invasions began at 6:30 am 2,000 American casualties 160,000 troops successfully stormed

3.2.3. Fought through France, Belgium, and Germany Caused Germany to surrender May 7th 1945 Defeated Germany swiftly Russian troops fought from the east

3.3. One of the largest military assaults ever