Impact of Globalisation

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Impact of Globalisation by Mind Map: Impact of Globalisation

1. Economic

1.1. Positive

1.1.1. Job Creation

1.1.2. Transportion of goods faster

1.1.3. Free trade increased

1.1.4. Lifts countries out of poverty

1.1.5. Communications between corporation improves

1.1.6. Wide access to a range of goods for consumers

1.1.7. Worldwide financial markets emerge

1.1.8. Free trade zones , less tariffs

1.2. Negative

1.2.1. Widening income gap

1.2.2. Brain Drain

1.2.3. Poor Countries lose out

1.2.4. Local businesses face stiff competition

1.2.5. More vulnerable to global economic changes

1.2.6. Abuse of workers in poorer countries.

2. social and cultural

2.1. language

2.1.1. Positive Ease of communication e.g. English websites

2.1.2. negative dilution of language E.g. Singlish loss of language dialects replaced by Mandarin

2.1.3. Others English as a killer language

2.2. religion

2.2.1. positive more perspectives greater acceptance greater integration wider audience

2.2.2. negative dilution of religious beliefs mixture e.g. Taoism and Buddhism some religions are under threat (link to language and culture)

2.3. music

2.3.1. positive wider audience e.g. K-pop recognised worldwide more choices for listeners constructive sharing and exchange of points

2.3.2. negative loss of traditional music to mainstream music few major genres dominate

2.4. education

2.4.1. positive distance learning collaboration in research IT becomes a tool in education

2.4.2. negative global competition adding to stress few major subjects dominate education to the rich

3. Environmental

3.1. Positive

3.1.1. Awareness of environmental issues Developing new "greener" technology Caring and preserving the environment

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. Pollution Air Examples: Forest Fires, Burning of Fossil Fuels Land Examples: Clearing of Forest for ranching, Soil degradation due to intensification of food production Water Examples: Waste materials from factories dumped into the sea, tourism in an area killing the corals in the seas, overfishing