Updating Class Activities

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Updating Class Activities by Mind Map: Updating Class Activities

1. Activity: Group Projects Collaborative Lesson Plans

1.1. Renovation: Collaborative Writing Tools, Productivity Tools, Wikis

1.1.1. Resources: Google Docs:http://docs.google.com Mindmeister: http://mindmeister.com (Teacher) Wikispaces: http://wikispaces.com (Student) Google Sites: http://sites.google.com/a/penncrest.org

2. Activity: Reflective Journals, Student Portfolios, Integrated Units

2.1. Renovation: Blog

2.1.1. Wordpress blog through PENNCREST?

3. Activity: List of Content Resources

3.1. Renovationl: Social Bookmarking

3.1.1. Resources: http://delicious.com

4. Activity: Picture Files Story Starters

4.1. Renovation: Online Photosharing

4.1.1. Resources: Flickrstorm: http://www.zoo-m.com/flickr-storm/ Picasa Web: http://picasaweb.google.com