Should America Be the World’s Policeman ?

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Should America Be the World’s Policeman ? by Mind Map: Should America Be the World’s Policeman ?

1. Problems in the national & international relationships ?

1.1. International relations

1.1.1. Afghanistan : new economic and politic partners.

1.1.2. Multi-polar world : Now every country is a Partner even enemies. => They are not mortal enemies. So today, the diplomacy has a major role. CARTOON :

1.2. The world presence contesting by the world citizens.

1.2.1. Americans : more than 6 out of 10 Americans wanted to be less interventionist

1.2.2. Citizens of countries where the USA are present, contest the American occupation and its impact. Ex: JAPAN

1.3. Problems in NATO

1.3.1. Economic problems : the USA spend more than the others members.

1.3.2. Focused to defend westerne Europe against the soviets attacks (during the cold war). Today : USSR has disappeared and except the Ukrainian conflict, we don't have lots of conflicts left in Europe. => Utility is questionable

1.3.3. Allows itself to intervene in other territories. Would not be the abuse of power ?

1.3.4. NATO has served American interests since 1991 ?

2. Impact in USA

2.1. Costs

2.1.1. 2015 : the military spanding = 54% of federal spanding (598.5 billion $ => 27,44% french GDP)

2.1.2. Other areas are forsaken such as education or health CARTOON :

2.2. Impact to the USA Citizens

2.2.1. paying considerable taxsum

2.2.2. Lot of victims in the US troops. Exemple with the Afghan war "2,247 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2016. Over 20,000 U.S. service members have been wounded in action."

3. History

3.1. World War II and Cold War : appropriate presence (It was a bipolar world).

3.1.1. World presence to stop the communist extension

3.2. After the Cold War (since the fall of the Berlin wall) the USA world interventions have increased.


4. Topicality : USA Attack and major events where the US are present in 2017.

4.1. Afghanistan

4.2. Syria

4.3. Korea peninsula

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