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Anthrax by Mind Map: Anthrax

1. Anecdot

1.1. There is a vaccine for anthrax but its not completly effective.

1.1.1. It doesnt contain the live bacteria, and can lead to an infection. Side effects: Ranges from: To more serious allergic reactions.

1.2. Normally the vaccines consists of 3 shots and are given 2 weeks apart.

1.2.1. And for babies given 6 shots additional at 6, 12, and 18 months. BUT this isnt open to the public but saved for government and military useage.

2. Did you know?

2.1. 1: The word anthrax means coal, anthrakos.

2.1.1. 2.Bacillus Anthracis was the first bacteria to be known to create a disease. 3.Anthrax is a seasonal disease that is controlled by temperature fluctuations, amount of rain received, and soil type. 4.In the United States, the anthrax vaccination has been approved by the FDA since 1970, providing protection for the people at high risk of obtaining the disease. The vaccine has been proven to be 93% effective in all cases.

2.2. 8.Thousands of anthrax spores are required for human infection, of which all can fit in the area of a single pinhead.

3. Definition

3.1. Anthrax is an infection caused by a bacteria,

3.1.1. Braillus Anthracis

3.2. It is common in animals but human can come in contact with it as well through the animal or parts of the animals.

3.2.1. Anthrax is common in farm animals such as sheep, goats, adn cows.

3.3. They create a Spore, a germ covered by a protective shell.

3.3.1. The Spores can live for many years in the soil and cause Anthrax when it enters the body.

4. Contact

4.1. You can come in contact with the Spore if you are exposed to it, or have direct contact with the Anthrax.

4.2. BUT being exposed does not necessarily mean that you are going to become sick.

4.2.1. You can get anthrax in three different ways:

4.2.2. Handling something that has the spore and them getting in a cut on your body.

4.2.3. Breathing thousands of little spores all the way to your lungs.

4.2.4. Eating the meat that came from the animal that was not cooked fully and the spores are in the meat.

5. Prevention

5.1. Try to stay away from infected animals. when you travel and or live in the country, animals who arent routinely vaccianted.

5.1.1. Also avoid food that isnt prepared properly and also animals skins.

6. Contagious?

6.1. Is it contagious? No its not contagious like the flu or cold so it can't be transmitted from person to person.

6.2. Should i worry? No, in America we have the right sanitation and the proper proceedures we should not worry. Now under developed countried do not have these aspects so we should be careful what we ingest and what we come in contact to.