Reformation of Christian church

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Reformation of Christian church by Mind Map: Reformation of Christian church

1. Martin Luther

1.1. German priest and professor who studied theology and saw problems within the early Catholic church. He wrote several works of literature including "On Christian Liberty" which ends in a letter to the Pope. And such letters like "The Ninety Five Thesis" which pointed out 95 things wrong with the christian church.

2. John Calvin

2.1. Calvin was another big name within the reformation process. He is the founder of the Calvinistic belief system. He was a huge founder in the Presbyterian church.

3. Early Catholic church

3.1. There were several problems with the early catholic church according to many. With such problems as indulgences for sin, the rise of outraged Catholics pushed towards a dramatic change

4. Ninety five thesis

4.1. Ninety Five thesis was written by Martin Luther, and was his analysis on the catholic church. It was basically his "95 things wrong with the catholic church"