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Eris by Mind Map: Eris

1. The sins of my father

1.1. Controlling father

1.1.1. some shady deals with the underworld

1.1.2. anger issues - abuses Deimos and Eris

1.2. Vacant mother

1.2.1. Pretty, married for money

1.2.2. Looks the other way as her children are hurt

1.3. Once-distant sister

1.3.1. Nemesis Rose Black

1.4. Frighteningly abusive brother

1.4.1. Deimos Irons Black

2. Sober

2.1. Drinks far too much

2.2. Drinks to Remember

2.3. Has killed herself through drinking twice

2.4. Drinks to Forget

3. Girl Anachronism

3.1. cyclothymia

3.1.1. She's lived with this forever

3.2. feminist leanings

3.3. Bisexual

3.4. She used to have dreams of travel and exploration

3.4.1. She finally does, again

4. Knife chase

4.1. Her brother coming after her

4.1.1. once, when the family found out about her bohemian friends a family doctor tended her

4.1.2. once when she refused her engagement this sent her to the hospital

5. The Gardener

5.1. Insane by Mental Excitement

5.2. Admitted at age 16 by her brother

5.2.1. (after he almost killed her the second time)

5.3. Experimental procedures

5.3.1. new medications

5.3.2. induced vomiting

5.3.3. ECT

5.3.4. ice baths

5.3.5. sensory deprivation

5.4. The 'pet' of a doctor, lent out as a 'gift'

5.4.1. (yes sexual abuse in a backstory)

5.4.2. May have a daughter out there, somewhere

5.5. Escaped after two years

6. Shankhill butchers

6.1. Kills knife-and candlers for fun. Tells herself it's for everyone's good, but she enjoys is far more than just that.

6.2. Has very little compassion for those she doesn't interact with

6.3. Killed a man, above

6.3.1. An orderly at the Asylum

6.3.2. He had a wife, two children

6.3.3. The authorities never found the culprit

7. Once engaged

7.1. Vincent Tomas Greenwood

7.2. They were childhood friends

7.3. His old money, hers new

7.4. Nemesis is engaged to him, now

8. Dead and Lovely

8.1. Now 8 times dead

8.2. Has a rather cavalier attitude about death, towards herself

8.3. Almost died twice above

9. In the end

9.1. Friends, finally

9.2. Fears

9.2.1. Afraid of becoming a monster

9.2.2. Afraid of being alone, again

9.2.3. Afraid that everything goes to hell around her

9.3. desires

9.3.1. Gabriel Flynn

9.3.2. To make something lasting

9.3.3. Seeking the name

9.3.4. To maybe fix herself

9.3.5. To not wake up every day hurting

9.3.6. To be more tough and self-reliant

9.3.7. The Marvellous Though she can't see herself playing against Nathan

10. La Mer/Hide and Seek

10.1. Traveling and running

10.1.1. (still haven't figured out where)

10.1.2. Her first real look at the world outside

10.1.3. Her first sense of living

10.1.4. Learning to live

10.2. Her memories traveled with her

10.2.1. And now she keeps them in a box it's in her kitchen.

11. One more song

11.1. She owns her own shop

11.2. An umpire for K&C

11.3. A sometimes Neddy (wo)man

11.4. A player of the game