Getting Intimate with invisible audiences, Mushon Zer-Aviv

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Getting Intimate with invisible audiences, Mushon Zer-Aviv by Mind Map: Getting Intimate with invisible audiences, Mushon Zer-Aviv

1. about

1.1. Artist & Designer

1.1.1. of Ars Electronica fame


1.3. @mushon


2. Subject

2.1. privacy

3. Questions

3.1. Who uses the Internet?

3.2. Who uses the street?

4. Who are the cultural leaders today?

4.1. geeks

5. Privacy & openness

5.1. not black & white

6. Information wants to be free != People wants to be free

7. There's a scale between private & public

8. Social media is performative

8.1. Not only communication, only presenting oneself

9. Hana Arendt quote on public spaces

9.1. enable people to understand the norms regulating society

9.2. let people express themselves & learn from the feedback of others

9.3. enable people to convert sayings or actions to "real" thru the others witnessing them

10. Danna Boyd quote on social networks as mediated publics

10.1. 4 unique characteristics

10.1.1. Persistence

10.1.2. Searchability

10.1.3. Replicabiility

10.1.4. Scale

10.1.5. all 4 leading to Invisible Audiences key factor in discussion on privacy

11. Example: chatroullete

11.1. Mediated publics?

11.1.1. No persistence

11.1.2. No searchability

11.1.3. No replicability

11.1.4. No Scale

11.1.5. and therefore No Invisible Audiences

11.2. No content

11.3. Rather conversation

11.4. Much more like physical public spaces than social media spaces

11.5. You can watch but cannot touch

11.6. Maybe this example can teach us how to create spaces with grey shades of privacy

11.7. Southpark sketh on chatroullete

11.8. Taking screenshot/screencast destroys all charcteristics of public spaces

11.8.1. You get Persistence Searchability Replicabiility Scale and therefore Exposure to Invisible Audiences

11.8.2. No more conversation, rather content

12. When adding digital devices & media to public spaces (the street) you add to it the

12.1. Persistence

12.2. Searchability

12.3. Replicabiility

12.4. Scale

12.5. Invisible Audiences

13. Maybe we should start thinking on:

13.1. Life without privacy

14. Ian Graham

14.1. Privacy isn't relevant in pre-technical/pre-democratic societies

15. But what about invisible audiences

16. Quote from Genesis

16.1. Adam & Eve hide from God, whose asks: Where are you?

16.2. i.e., Adam & Eve are afraid of invisible audiences

17. Is privacy for Terrorists only?

18. People say

18.1. I've got nothing to hide

19. Quote from Genesis

19.1. Noah son's see Noah drunk & naked after he saved the world, & tells about it to his brother

19.2. <hilarious image of naked Noah on his son's facebook wall>

20. Quote of Faucolt

20.1. The power of the penopticon is that in making the priosioner always visible, the power is enforced without being executed

21. walking is publishing

22. Message

22.1. Urban planners, sociologists & technologists should now start designing new protocols that rethink & redesign public & mediated spaces

23. Example

23.1. Twitter search technical constraints (e.g., you can't search history) rather do good by making it less content & more conversation

24. Q&A

24.1. Negative example is Huxley's "Brave new world"

25. Essay + Video