Characters of a AMSND

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Characters of a AMSND by Mind Map: Characters of a AMSND

1. Quince

1.1. not strong willed- is often pushed aside by Bottom easy to be pushed around- usually pushed around by Bottom

2. Lysander

2.1. Affectionate - one of Egeus's complains about him was that he showered Hermia with gifts. Determined - he runs away with Hermia because he wants to marry her so much. Sneaky - Lysander is a little sneaky because he goes behind Egeus's and Theseus's backs to be with Hermia.

2.1.1. Lysander loves Hermia and wants to marry her, but that's not what her father wants so he wants to run away with her.

3. Demetrius

3.1. Persistent - even though Hermia repeatedly tells Demetrius that she doesn't love him, he still follows her. Arrogant - he thinks he has the right to marry Hermia since her father like him better. Foolish - if the woman he wants to marry doesn't love him, what is the point in marrying her?

3.1.1. Demetrius wants to marry Hermia

4. Helena

4.1. Miserable - she used to be happily engaged to Demetrius but now he loves her best friend, Hermia. Jealous - Helena wants to be the center of Demetrius's attention.

4.1.1. Helena wants Demetrius to love her again.

5. Hermia

5.1. Serious - she is serious enough with Lysander to run away with him. Stubborn - she wants to marry Lysander even though her father told her she could either marry demetrius or die. Popular - she is loved by both Demetrius and Lysander, and Helena mentions that 'everyone' says that Helena is as pretty as Hermia.

5.1.1. Hermia has to either choose to become a nun, die, or marry demtrius.

6. Flute

6.1. Dramatic- he dies as Thisbe in the play and he was said to be the perfect part, so he had to be dramatic. Feminine - he's given the role of a woman.

7. snug

7.1. 1. Not the Smartest 2.Slow learner Evidence 1.He said it took him a really long time to rehearse lines and memerize them. 2. The lion was the perfect part for him because all you had to do is roar.

8. Philostrate

8.1. Obedient - leaves as soon as Theseus tells him to. Funny - he is the court merrymaker.

9. Hippolyta

9.1. Proud - she used to be queen and knows how to fight. Concerned - she leans that it's wither marry Theseus or die. Unsatisfied - she doesn't want to stuck being Theseus's wife while she could be ruling her own people, the Amazons.

10. Theseus

10.1. overeager - he is too eager for his wedding and doesn't notice or doesn't care about Hippolyta's discomfort. Rich - Theseus is the duke of Athens, which seems like a flourishing city. Strict - he doesn't give hermia any leeway and tells her to either become a nun, die, or marry Demetrius.

11. Egeus

11.1. Stubborn - Lysander's creds are as good as Demetrius's and Hermia loves him too, but Egeus wants her to marry Demetrius because he likes Demetrius better. Cold - he would rather his daughter die or become a nun than marry Lysander. Confident - He goes to Theseus confident that the Duke will side with him and give Hermia her options.

11.1.1. Egeus wants Hermia to marry Demetrius

12. Snout

12.1. Secretive- He tries to make plans through a hole in the wall. Cooperative - Peter Quince doesn't have any trouble at all with Snout.

13. Starvelling

13.1. Cooperative - doesn't give Peter Quince any problems. Feminine - he's given the part of a woman.

14. Bottom

14.1. Bossy- tells the director when to read the rolls and when the actors to spread themselves. Overly Confident-Thinks he will be perfect for almost every part in the play. Lively - he has the energy to give a little speech about what he could do for each part.

14.1.1. Titania ends up being tricked into loving Bottom.