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Influences by Mind Map: Influences

1. Titles

1.1. Umpire

1.1.1. she picked this up to be close to the K&Cers

1.1.2. She still does the job, though And quite well, I might add

1.2. Neddy

1.2.1. She believes the Masters are looking out for London

1.3. Tailor

1.3.1. Her main manner of living

1.4. Marveller

1.4.1. She'll bet her soul for a chance to live whole Though she's not so sure she deserves that chance She feels selfish for even pursuing it

1.5. Agent

1.5.1. Her lack of morals helps her murder and spy

1.6. Seeker

1.6.1. The Name She doesn't intend to let this take over her life She refuses to let anyone assist her with this in any way

2. Fears

2.1. For herself

2.1.1. That she will never be whole

2.1.2. That her brother will find her

2.1.3. That her father will find her

2.1.4. That she will hurt someone, physically or emotionally or mentally

2.2. For others

2.2.1. That Nathan will wither and die here without the sun

2.2.2. That Gabriel Flynn will be empty once he avenges his lover

2.2.3. (in general for all her Nemesis friends: that they'll be empty when they avenge their _____.)

2.2.4. (For her Marveller friends: that they'll gamble their souls only to lose)

2.2.5. That Nemesis will die here and be stuck with no choice

2.2.6. That they will die, any of them, for real and ever

3. Dreams

3.1. metaphorical dreams

3.2. Nightmares

4. Things to think about

4.1. Eye

4.1.1. Lost it in a fight Trying to hurt the doctor who hurt Louis

5. Friends

5.1. Asher

5.1.1. Things got out of control

5.1.2. She cares about him deeply

5.2. Bar

5.2.1. still sheepish about shouting at him

5.2.2. Cares about him because Nathan cares about him

5.3. Gabriel C

5.3.1. Experienced and interesting

5.3.2. Hopes for him that Nathan comes around, eventually

5.4. Gabriel F

5.4.1. First Love

5.4.2. Wants him to be truly happy

5.4.3. Would do anything he asked of her

5.4.4. Fallen out of love, what remains is a very strong frienship

5.5. Henrik

5.5.1. So kind

5.5.2. Admires his composure

5.5.3. Still curious about the whole 'drownie' thing

5.6. Honoria

5.6.1. Wants to see her succeed

5.6.2. Isn't sure if she's worried or what about H finding out about A&E

5.7. Israel

5.7.1. A small crush? She's not sure This scares her This excites her

5.7.2. She admires him a great deal

5.7.3. Amazing in a fight

5.7.4. Doesn't mind the insanity

5.8. Cass

5.8.1. Interesting! Mysterious!

5.8.2. Wants to know more

5.9. Lamont

5.9.1. First Contact

5.9.2. Thinks he's handsome

5.9.3. Doesn't mind the insanity

5.10. Louis

5.10.1. Inklings of a seduction

5.10.2. Mostly protective impulses

5.10.3. Would MURDER anyone who messed with him IS GOING TO MURDER SOMEONE

5.10.4. Will make CERTAIN no one ever hurts him again

5.11. Lydia

5.11.1. Sweet, sweet Lydia

5.11.2. E frets all the time about her

5.11.3. A competent worker and a good friend

5.12. Nathan

5.12.1. First Friend

5.12.2. Can't play against him

5.12.3. Feels like she only ever bring him trouble

5.12.4. would do anything he asked of her Seriously anything

5.13. Narci

5.13.1. So kind

5.13.2. Absolutely beautiful

5.13.3. Envies him, a bit

5.14. Scarlet

5.14.1. Admiration For her empire For her person

5.14.2. Apprehension Of her anger Of whatever cold darkness lurks in her

5.15. Theodor

5.15.1. A teacher-figure

5.15.2. Someone whose work she admires


5.15.4. Beginning to see him as more of a real person

5.15.5. Teacher is fading into friend, and she enjoys this