Building Student Rapport

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Building Student Rapport by Mind Map: Building Student Rapport

1. What is student rapprt?

1.1. It can be defind as a postitie relationhip between student and teacher.

1.2. When teachers show a genuine concern for their students

1.3. An emotional connection or a "click" between teacher and student

1.4. When students accept a teacher's educational proposal

2. How to develop student rapport

2.1. learn students' names quickly

2.2. use ice breaker activities (games)

2.3. use body language to your advantage

2.4. develop trust with your students

2.5. use humor in the classroom

3. some classroom activities to build rapport

3.1. Have an open conversation with students about the pros of trust

3.2. Smile like your life depended on it

3.3. Assign responsibilities

3.4. Tell jokes and funny anecdotes to stress a point

3.5. Make constant eye contact with students

3.6. Students create passports about thmselves using pertinent information