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Influences by Mind Map: Influences
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Encountered once, briefly

Seemed friendly enough; would like to know better


Helped to rescue him; they spoke afterwards

They seem to have things in common

Would appreciate the chance to speak with him more


Awkward beyond measure

Wants to be friends, but doesn't want to lead her on/hurt her

Really wants her to be happy, and isn't sure that he can facilitate it

Gabriel Coppercrow

Initially underestimated him horribly

A good conversationalist, which makes him nervous

Likes him, but isn't sure how much he'd trust him


An instinctive and irrational platonic attachment

Snuggling! Lots of snuggling!

Since their last conversation, he's nervous about Henrik's well-being, Deeply fears losing him

Has provided a reason for him to be honest re: what he wants, Which is scary for now..., ...but, in the long term, probably a good thing.


Met him at the Crimson Ring

Somewhat intimidated by him

Doesn't know him well, though, so won't judge yet

L. S. Cassius

Grateful for their sympathy and conversation at Eris' party

They have work in common

Would like to know them better


Made him very nervous at first!

Now, though, finds him bizarrely endearing

Admires his crafting skills

Does not mind being used as a lending-library in the least


Met at the Feast, then again at the Crimson Ring

Rather bemused by the paper flowers, but took the gesture kindly

(It hasn't occurred to him that Nathan might be responsible for the wreath)

Would definitely like to know him better


Confused attraction that will probably never find expression

Simultaneously terrified of him and in awe of him

Intends to solicit crossdressing advice., (Or, you know, get Henrik to do it for him.)


Met while rescuing Bar, Impressed by her skill in organising matters then

Her line of work, though, makes him very nervous

So, apparently, does her ability to push his buttons so easily.


They have met, spoken and resolved to get to know each other better

A little in awe of him still, though

Detective work

How he started out:

His mentor at Heidelberg died after a long illness which he concealed from his friends, (which provided him with awful flashbacks to his parents' death and his own ineffectuality)

His first impulse was to regard himself and his work as useless

His second impulse was to make himself useful, however he could

He does this, then, to be useful and helpful to those who require it, (instead of, as he sees it, hiding in his studies and accomplishing nothing worthwhile)

Even if most of the time he can only provide closure, it's something.

On the surface:

Lived and worked in Colchester

Acquired unexpected renown after solving a high-profile murder case, ...and proceeded to become a recluse, He never wanted renown, and it made him nervous, He stopped inviting clients home; work became his entire life

Often didn't charge for his services, considering his family's wealth

In the Neath:

He works full-time, and charges for it whenever he can justify doing so, ...mostly because of what having no resources drove him to on the surface

It's primarily a way to fund his revenge, (although he'll still crucify himself for a failure)

Surface Life (notable moments)

Parents' death

In his second year at Oxford, his mother fell ill

Gabriel received a letter from his father stating:, That his mother would not live, That her illness was contagious, That his father wished to remain with her, That he understood that it might kill him

His mother and father died within a week of each other

After John's murder

The official investigation fell apart quickly

So Gabriel took matters into his own hands

He returned John's body to his family in America..., He suspects John's mother had guessed at the nature of their relationship, She said nothing, but seemed to take against him

...and proceeded to travel to all kinds of places (for almost four years) looking for answers, ...spending his entire inheritance in the process


Returned to England with no money, no real answers and no efficient way of getting to the Neath

Considered circumstances:, Resentment of homosexuality laws, Extreme self-loathing for failure so far, Necessity of travelling to the Neath immediately, Complete lack of anything left to lose

Sought out a town near the old site of London

Arranged to be discovered, in public, with another man, ...who is, as far as Gabriel knows, still in prison

Was tried and found guilty, ...and sent directly to the Neath. Score. Sort of.

In-game traits

Personality traits

Subtle 17, He thinks before he acts, always, He'd rather have things done right than quickly, And let's face it, he's not at all good at being direct

Melancholy 15, Let's just say he's got a lot to be sad about

Magnanimous 13, He's a detective -- helping people is what he does, He will /not/ hurt the people he cares about, His low self-worth means he's kinder to others than to himself

Steadfast 11, It's been six years since his lover died. He's still hunting the killer., Will always do his utmost to keep his word, Ties himself into ethical knots whenever two of his responsibilities conflict, Blame the circumstances of his parents' death for this

Daring 10, If it will get him closer to revenge, he'll do it no matter how it terrifies him

Austere 6, He was raised to self-denial and has never forgotten any of it, Not (technically) religious, just very ascetic

Ruthless 6, He can be pragmatic and unpleasant when his revenge is at stake, Or, indeed, when he wants to alienate you


Ambition: Nemesis, Came to the Neath hunting his lover's killer, ...and all the issues surrounding that would need their own mind map

Scholar of the Correspondence, Not so much any longer, but he retains a private interest in its study, (let's not talk about the University; he certainly won't)