Purchase Flow Survey

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Purchase Flow Survey by Mind Map: Purchase Flow Survey


1.1. Are vendors categorized?

1.1.1. Yes, they have already been defined in the accounting list

1.1.2. The driver is considered as a supplier

1.2. In which currencies do the vendors charge you?

1.2.1. soles

1.2.2. USD

1.2.3. euros

1.3. Payment Terms

1.3.1. 7, 15 y 30 days

1.4. What types of consumption do you have?

1.4.1. Marketing, advertising, merchandising.

1.4.2. HR Services: recruitment, evaluation of drivers

1.4.3. Counseling and Consulting Legal, Accountant, Tax

1.4.4. Rentals

1.4.5. Public services

1.5. Advances to suppliers

1.5.1. By policy, an invoice is requested for the down payment.

1.5.2. In urgent cases the money is delivered without support (without invoice)

1.6. Contacts

1.6.1. Yes. Supplier contacts would be handled


2.1. How many are registered per month? What are the reasons for issuance?

2.1.1. 5 approximately

2.1.2. Services not received and paid.

2.1.3. Adjustments to the initial invoice

2.2. Is there an approval process?

2.2.1. No


3.1. Expense Reports

3.2. Vendors Reports

3.3. Pending Reports

3.4. Corporate Reports of this flow

3.5. Today there are no reports

3.6. Standard reports will be used

3.7. TaxiBeat will personalize the reports that are necessary


4.1. In which currencies do the payments take place?

4.1.1. Soles to invoices in soles

4.1.2. Dollars to invoices in dollars

4.2. The document and the payment can be different currencies? What are the cases?

4.2.1. If the foreign invoice is different from dollars, it is paid in dollars (Ex: google is in euros)

4.3. What forms of payment are used?

4.3.1. Transfers viabcp, interbank

4.3.2. Checks by BBVA (manuals)

4.4. Do you handle customer-supplier compensation?

4.4.1. Drivers

4.5. The withdrawal payment is made after the invoice is posted.

4.6. Returns to the drivers will be handled through the loading of journal files


5.1. Do you have a centralized shopping area or does each budget area make purchases?

5.1.1. Each area responsible for budget makes its purchase orders

5.2. Do you send purchase orders to suppliers?

5.2.1. It will be part of the policy that invoices are received with Purchase Order

5.3. How many purchase orders are issued per month?

5.3.1. Between 80 and 100 approximately monthly

5.4. Do you have purchase order approval?

5.4.1. If yes, do you have approval levels?

5.4.2. You want to handle approval within NetSuite. Each approver will need user.

5.4.3. The standard NS workflow will be handled for approval levels by amount

5.5. Purchase orders would be handled by items (not by accounting accounts).

5.6. PO format: NS will be used

5.6.1. It would be required to indicate the approver (personalization)

5.7. POs will be sent by email


6.1. How many invoices are registered per month?

6.1.1. 80 to 100 monthly

6.2. Is there an approval process?

6.2.1. Yes. Invoice approval would be handled

6.3. Do you have amortization of deferred expenses?

6.3.1. Yes, you have insurance as subscriptions.

6.4. Intercompany invoices?

6.4.1. Yes

6.5. At the time of invoice will indicate whether or not the invoice will have drawdown or withholdings


7.1. Do they have a level of approval for the good or service purchased?

7.1.1. If it is desired that the PO have an acceptance of good / service by receiving items

7.2. Is the acceptance of goods or services carried out by the central purchasing area or by budget managers?

7.2.1. Each area that received the good / service will receive the POs. (The one that created the PO)

7.3. Partial receptions are made, detailed articles will be needed to support these receptions.

7.4. There will be no invoices for more than one order, it is an invoice for a purchase order.


8.1. Qué perfiles de usuario se van a tener y con qué permisos generales se les desea?

8.1.1. Data Master Role Create vendors

8.1.2. Buyer role Employee Center Delimited by department PO Receiving

8.1.3. Approve Role PO Approval Comparative Budget vs. Expense Delimited by department

8.1.4. Invoice Record Roll Bill (create) without approval Vendor Bill

8.1.5. Counter Role Same as in Sales Flow Bill Approval

8.1.6. Treasury Roles Vendor Payment Check Deposit Journal Transfer

9. Types of Expenses

9.1. Operating expenses

9.1.1. Purchase Order / Service Order

9.2. Recurring expenses

9.2.1. They would be invoices directly (Public services)

9.3. Contractual expenses fixed amounts

9.3.1. Purchase order / Order of Services

9.4. Contracted expenses variable amounts

9.4.1. Ex: Comfiar

9.4.2. Order of purchase / service for the monthly fixed amount. The variable would be added to the invoice.