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TEDxMaastricht by Mind Map: TEDxMaastricht
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Session 1: Why?

Simon Sinek

"You should start with why"

Notes on Talk, If people are together who believe what others believe, trust emerges, Children are our most valuable possesions, we trust them to someone who believes what we believe, instead of someone from a different believe, with more experience, Split in organisation, focus on competition vs on self, people reminding you why you come to work in the organisation: vs losing yourself, e.g. Steve Jobs, going away from Apple: apple didn't move forward as fast, coming back: emerging success, Sense of Why, Babyboom, Generation Y, Ages, 60's Hippies, 70's Me generation, 80's Me, 90's Me Me Me generation, increasing distrustfull, Nothing replaces human contact, Human interaction, our survival depends on human interaction, Human interaction luxury?, Your network only online?, a discussion vs discussion on twitter, A business conference vs online meeting, Trust is about human interaction

Background, @simonsinek, Facebook, TED-talk 2009, TED-profile, Books, Start with Why, Wiki-page, Website

Coen van Veenendaal

"Just do it!"

Notes on Talk, Why?, 47 year old friend that died, Create absurd ideas, never ever quit, be the change you want to be, What, Cycle Alpe D'huez 6 times, It's crazy, it was for people, it was about people, A personal story on a very young person w Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, The event grew due to courageous people and personal stories, fundraised more than 300.000 EUR, This year...20 Million EUR will be fundraised, Research, A study chair: living with cancer, What to eat with cancer?, How to live together with cancer?, rehabilitation, What happens when you are satisfied?, How does your money help people with cancer in India?, Tata Industries was asked as a sponsor, People with cancer in India sometimes don't get treatment at all, We tried to understand the question, Let's not die from cancer anymore, Crazy?, how long will it take?, 50 years scientists said, We said... we will do it in 10 years, we call it "something stupid", "Understanding Life" was a better title, It IS possible... if we ALL work together!, We should share data, We should trust each other, It's simple, it's not easy, How?, Cancer roadmap, Filling blank spots in the roadmap

Background, @Coen66, Linkedin, Website, Website Alpe d'huzes, Website Inspire2Live, Open oncology day video

Renger Witkamp

"Health: the ability to adapt to an ever changing environment"

Are you healthy?, WHO, Health is a state of complete physial mental en social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, disempowered patients, 10 different medications, 8 clinical guidelines, 3 MDs, possible to by healthier?, by training, exercise, good food, by restoring balance, System biology, matrix, patient, mind needs to be balanced, body needs to stabilize, it is not to prevent disease, but to ensure health

Background, Wiki, Pubmed papers, Open access Pubmed papers,, LinkdIn, TNO magazine

Luciano Floridi

“The fourth technological revolution”

Notes on Talk, Three revolutions, Earth centre of the universe(Copernicus), We are the king of the biology-game (Darwin), We are in full control of ourselves (Freud), we are interconnected, we live in an infosphere, The fourth technological revolution, phisolophy, masters of asking why, why is this technological revolution important`?, Slide!, Why is it important for health?, we share a body, we belong to a group of people with a same sort of body, The transparent body, diagnostics, The democratisation of health information, The socialisation of health conditions, when you are ill, you are not alone!,

Background, @floridi, Website Philosophyofinformation, Wiki, Books, Information: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions), Philosophy and Computing: An Introduction, World Science Festival video, Creating Consciousness

Luuk Simons

“From disease management to lifestyle management?”

Notes on Talk, we have ill health because of bad lifestyles, Obesity is trending in the US, for younger people, riskfactors grow faster, it is not about obesity, and it's not about the US, in China there's more people obese than in the US, We are not aging normally, we are not doing right things to our body, cholesterol is at a level of 5, if we lower that we can lower most of the CVD's, There's a factor 50 difference in types of cancer between NL and some other geographical areas, It is not our DNA, only 25% is DNA, 75% is lifestyle, you cannot outsource your lifestyle, How are we dealing with health in NL?, Costs have been rising, faster than our economy, we pay €7000 per month to health/per person, It is our problem, it's our childrens problem, They will die sooner, in their lifespan they have to work hard to pay for our and their health, Disease is bad luck, articles on eating and disease, stress etc are not taken into account, We don't want to change, outsource health to the doctor, some people want to insource their health, they WANT to change!, health education, empowering, changing, health dashboard, status, how can you change, excersise increases, people see fast changes, Future, companies start health programs, change spreads like a snowball, results, there have been pilots in the US, 38% difference in healthcare cost

Background, Linked-in, TU delft page

Session 2: What?

Sophie van der Stap

“Girl with the nine wigs”

Notes on Talk, Whats on the mind of a teenager? Not cancer.., Bending roads, Accepting reality, Walking around with a chemostick, First hairloss on the toilet, Making jokes - free unpainfull brazilian wax, Being able to forget but not running away, A cancer holiday: Wigs, With my wigs, i could be my own self again.. even be who I wanted to be, Every wig a different name and different personality, being just a girl with a funcky heardo, Why are looks so imporant to me?, Feeling happy despite the cancer made me feel strong, Medical world, Shoudl be more than only about pils and medicines

Background, Personal webpage, wiki (Dutch), Youtube video from 2:50 onwards (Dutch), Book, Girl with the nine wigs, Dutch, French, En wat als dit liefde is, Dutch, Een blauwe vlinder zegt gedag, Dutch, Facebook

Wolter Mooi

“Guiding current routines of future doctors”

Notes on Talk, Pink Elepant in the room, Routine, dull, boring, Group routine: more stable, deviation of routine: tension, New things, We're more interested in new things, however...we like routines, We're better in seeing differences, than in seeing commonalities, Courses, study behavior is very fixed across different courses, Breakthrough, a small change of routine in the right direction, Health 2.0, education 2.0, active, informed, willing to participate, patients 2.0, active, informed, willing to participate, Activator of students:, Questions and Answers, Activate knowledge, Activate reasoning, Make students answer questions and ask questions, problem of numbers: millions/week in NL and Flanders, new role of teachers, Guide, pressure, inspiration

Background, @wjmooi, Facebook, Profile (Dutch), Article, "Colleges pathologie verfilmd"(Dutch), The essence of senescence, Metastatic melanoma of the ampulla of Vater., Books, Pathology of Melanocytic Disorders 2ed

Frans Hiddema

“The least used resource: patient”

Notes on Talk, Talk starts in the dark, fear of becoming blind, fear of the dark, Safety, How safe is being admitted to a hospital?, Hospital is not less dangerous than mountain climbing, Airline safety, Airline safety: crew resource management, teamwork, human factors, The team flies vs I'm the boss, checklists, automation, Airline safety before safety regulations: current situation in hospital, The secret of the eyeball, learn from others, Learn from peers, benchmark, make the nurse your consultant, exchange of staff members, Safety system, Glamour in cockpit and in Operating Theatre ;-), Team Resource management, more equality in hierarchy!, Seduction for doctors, Real flight simulator!, Patient Empowerment, it's your disease, it's your body, it's your life!

background, Linkedin, TEDx Talk @ TEDxRotterdam, Book, Wandelende takken

Jan Gunnarsson

“Hostmanship: the art of making people feel welcome”

Notes on Talk, 'A world where people feel expected and welcome', What if people in hospitals were also seen as guests? - a mind set, If there is a guest - there is a host, Mastering the art of hostmanship, The meaning of the world dialog/diagnosis, The people who work for you should also feel welcomed, Feeling autentic as an individual and welcome one self., 'A choice I make every morning, they way I start my day' - bus driver, Looking about the positive things in live.

Background, Book, Hostmanship, Website Hostmanship, @jangunnarsson, Linkedin, TEDx talk @ TEDxStockholm

Ragna van den Berg


Notes on the talk, first nurse, after that a patient, aneurysm in the brain, Bothered by smell, light, Brainoverload, after 3 weeks from hospital to rehabilitation centre, no goal, doctors should decide, a lot of knowledge in the centre, the clinic had an answer, take pills, not the way to go, after years of being a health professional, knowledge was there of what the medication did, There was another answer, which was the way to go, connect to internet, use Twitter to find others, answer of doctors all over the world: I'm not your doctor, I can't help you, found others with the same problems, i'm not the only one, challenges in keeping up to date, firewall at work, After the realisation that there were others, made that she could take her live back into her own hands, she's being the captain of her own life again, She sat down with the doctor to discuss it, The ship is still sailing, destination unknown

Background, @ragnaja, Blog, Linkedin

Daniel Kraft

“What’s next in healthcare?”

Notes on Talk,, Mitochondrial DNA common K1a1b1a, How I met Harriet, Major Challenges in healthcare and technology\, Using technology to leverage change, Singularity University: Medicine, How do exponential technologies change medicine, Imaging, Layering scans, increasing resolutions, data explosion, virtual coloscopy, Mobile phones, Measuring glucose w Iphone, Biomedicine, handheld ultrasound, Stethoscope app, Electronic medical patient records, FDA approved radiology reading on Ipad, Robotics, Online consultations, Quantified Self, measure steps, fitbit, Zeo sleep monitor, Making it actionable, wearable devices in clothes, Your mirrors diagnosing you, Wireless diapers? for your kids?, Augmentet reality, robotic surgery, decision support, scarless surgery, brain machine interfaces: brain to bionics,, eLegs, Robotic prosthetics, Aimee Mullins (TEDtalk), Ipill, Microrobots, Lab on a chip, 23andme / decodeme, pharmacogenomics, Geomedicine, Systems biology, Stem cells, cardiovascular disease, marrowminer, Daniel talks soooooo fast... can't keep up.. give up.. check the video instead!

Background, Wiki, TED profile, Linkedin, TED talk, Facebook

Session 3: How?

Lucien Engelen

“Let’s start saving lives by crowdsourcing”

Notes on Talk, We have to start listening to patients, not a scientific way, but just listen, Ask: what can I do to help you today?, New technology, make it easy to use, crowdsourcing, Ask the crowd for information (AED), build an application to make the information public,, call for, colleague universities, AED validators,, Started to share the weightlosing process with his followers, followers interacted and gave advice, Peer pressure is useful, it can help you, lose weight, lower bloodpressure, a device is being developed to share your bloodpressure with your followers, stop smoking

Background, Blog, Zorg20, Linkedin, Social Mention

Wouter Bos

“Is technology the answer to the rising costs of healthcare?“

Notes on Talk, most frequelently asked question, why did you leave finance for health, finance hard? try health, you can play a part in a bigger picture, no other subject in our economy, than healthcare, that has the same amount of unsolved problems, the rising costs of healthcare, pessimist story, underestimation of the benefits of technology, technology will not solve the cost problems, blessings, lowering of mortality by infection, the way diseases turned to being chronic illnesses, How would that look like tomorrow?, digitalized, monitoring your health online, problems, it didn't work in the past, why would it work now?, if there's new treatment available, we want it!, not cost reducing!, there will always be a top 10 of life threathening diseases, what we are doing is turning life threathening disease into a chronic illnes, the more we are self-aware, healthwise, the more treatment we want, there is an endless demand for treatments, the disease is always smarter than we are, disease is more success orientated than we are, we are not fighting death, we are fighting life, everytime you think you you've beaten a disease, it reappears in a different form, Healthcare costs will not decrease because of the named mechanisms, richard coll (??), the way we handle health is not sustainable, we have a choice, we could be an optimist about technology advancements, it would be ingoring the bigger problems, we could charish and encourage technology, it ensures quality of life, who deserves it, who's paying for it and what is it worth?

Background, Wiki, Website, @wouterbosnieuws, book, Dit land kan zoveel beter (Dutch), Pressreleases, Dutch, Noodzaak tot kostenbeheersing in de zorg

Tim Hurson

“The shock of the possible”

Notes on Talk, Innovation, And we all know it! Why?, Working on the wrong stuff!!, We ask ourselves the wrong question, Why ask questions that you already know the answers to? Ask the questions that you don't know!, The future is not the present part II, It requires change, The unexpected connection, AHA!!, Thomas Eddisons unexpected connection, tennisshoe and waffleiron, NIKE, Dr Venkataswamy, 100.000 of people where blind - cataract, How do you serve them?, chessgame 12 simultaniously, 12 simultanious cataract operations???, mc donalds as example for massproduction, 2.5 milj annual outpatient visits, 300.000 annual cataract surgeries, Cateract virtually eliminated, CHANGE, 2/3 free because 1/3 pay, WOW, Ralph, person with amazing bicycles, Accident, Came back to apply for school, Connection: moving piano's and moving people, Whirwind Wheelchair, No space for physical disability, Now here is my plan, The magic of creativity, If we look forward things seem impossible, Could we ever have imagned the eradication of cataract in india, smallpox, the postion of women today?, Looking back seems inevidable

Background, Website, Wiki, @tim_hurson, Video "Creative problem solving", Facebook, Book, Think Better: An Innovator's Guide to Productive Thinking, Linkedin

Pieter Kubben

“From medical knowledge to practical healthcare”

Notes on Talk, Neuromind,, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Best Possible treatment, Scientific literature, Pubmed, 700.000 new articles/year, Knowledge explosion, expansion faster than our ability to read up, Limitations of scientific literature, different classes of evidence, Policy makers, if it's not class 1 evidence.. it's not true, reality: class 3 can be good evidence too?, Translation of research outcome to patient, human experience, Decision support system, what's needed?, Standardization, input information, output information, We need to shift from static to interactive knowledge, Physician experience, Patient Preference

Background, Website, @DigNeurosurgeon, Linkedin, Articles, Neurosurgical apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android., Neurosurgical videos going mobile, Neurosurgical content for mobile devices, Twitter for neurosurgeons, Neurodss, Blog


Salmaan Sana, Background, @salmaansana, Facebook, Rocking the audience


Core team, Anne Spanjaard, Tessa Backhuijs, Stanley Lambertus, Susanne Laumer, Floris Barthel, Harriet Messing, Lucien Engelen

Session 4: Who?

David deBronkart

“e-Patient Dave”

Notes on Talk, This is the year of the patien rising, I almost died but found out i was almost dead already., Xray discoverd a spot on the long, CT showed several metastases, WebMD, Information about progress of of disease, People would talk anout patients as if they were not in te room, Patient is not a 3rd person word, Nieuw knooppunt, I am here on behalve of all the patients, patients trying to making care better, Medical facts diagram of a patient, Could it have saved her husband?, Give us the damn data as you physicians can't, Visiblebody, Whole earth catalog, Acces to information holds us back, Web changed everything. not only information but we could acces others that were equal to ourselves

Background, @ePatientDave, Blog, Social mention

Thomas Power

“The end of organizations as we know them”

Notes on Talk, Community organisation vs Corporations, What you see in the middle east you will see in every corporation and every government in the world, Message: embrace communities, Don't try to control communities, sorry...internet didn't work fully... sorry!

Background, @thomaspower, Blog

Lawrence Sherman

“Turning medical education inside out and upside down”

Notes on Talk, Turning medical education upside down, They don't know what they don't know, Does your phycisian know?, Does the student know?, Turning medical education inside out, A numbers game, 4 + 4 + 40, number of years you go to medical school 4, 4 = representative number you train after medical school, 40 the years you practice without any classes or exams, 2 + 2 = 4, 2 years to learn basics, Involve patients from day one, 2 years.. you can touch a patient, New curriculum, Patient, Phycisian, Society, Involve the patient throughout the medical education continuum, CME / CPD, How to involve the patient?, Start by asking questions?, who are you?, What are your needs?, What would help you?, Multi-inter-trans-disciplinary and collaborative education!, teach them together, so they work on it together, Use simulation!, A day in the life, Teach based on this timeline!, Biggest problems are made in transitions., teach at the point of care, If you teach a physician, Measure outcomes, for patient, for physician, Do physicians know what they need to know?, Why aren't patients involved in continuing professional development

Background, @meducate, Linked-in, ReachMD

Nicolette Mak

“Purpose, perception and power”

Notes on Talk, When I was seven I became ill, Acute appendix, after some months I got sick again, surgery on an ulcer, She's not ill.. she just doesn't want to live w her parents, School got messed up, Difficult youth, At 14 started working in coffee shop, what is important for me?, maybe if people love me, maybe I need to be nice, New node, Missed story due to internet connection, Started courier company, Missed some story, Maurice, My doctor is my sparring partner, Am I disabled? No I am able!

Background, Linked-in, @nicolettemak, Speakersacademy, Webpage: validpeople

Fred Lee

“What if Disney ran your hospital?”

Notes on Talk, Who?, Hans Selye, Walt Disney, Deming, Mother Teresa, we can do no great things, we can only do small things with great love, Who does not belong here..., innovation is making nusual connections, it's not about service but about experience, experiences occur with any individual who has been engaged in a personal and memorabel way, on an emotional, physicial, intellectal, or even spiritual level

Background, What can we learn from Mickey Mouse

Bas Bloem

“From God to Guide”

Notes on Talk, makes great entrance - parody on doctor-patient relationship, in the ideal doctor-patient relationship there is no hierarchy, patients have remarkable abilities left to compensate for their disease, the doctors are unaware of the patients' abilities that are left, it is time for doctors to descend and become a guide, patients should be seen as clients, the power of patients serves as inspiration, we underutilize this power, cost-effiency is a benefit!, it is a CHOICE!, this is not a world where patients are ruling or bossing their doctor, of which traditional doctors are afraid, Compassion 4 patients, Patients as active subjects, Particapatory health for all

background, Linked-in, @basbloem, Blog ParkisonNet

Session 5: TEDx You

Paul Iske

Notes on Talk, “Happy hour of brilliant Healthcare Failures”, Insert notes here - collaps after editing, fear reduction, institute for briljant failures, Parts of the brain involved in fear response, consequence of fear, people reluctant to try something new, Conditions for change, able to, want to, have to, allowed to, dare to, If you work in a complex environment, all have different view on truth, Only together together you get a picture of the "real truth", Stakeholder value proposition profile, why does innovation fail?, It's complex, Criteria for brilliant failures, have best intentions, experience failures, achieve learning or create value, inspire others

Background, Linked-in, @pauliske, De Pers, Leve de briljante mislukking, TEDxEutropolos, Website (dutch), Website (english)

Melvin Samson

Notes on Talk, “Wrapping up TEDxMaastricht”, Insert notes here - collaps after editing


Remco Hoogendijk, Background, Linked-in, @ocmer

Frits van der Sman, Background, Linked-in, Ziptalk

Emma Bruns, Background, Linked-in, @emmabruns, NTVG podium, TEDxAmsterdam talk

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