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TEDxMaastricht by Mind Map: TEDxMaastricht
4.7 stars - 3 reviews range from 0 to 5


Session 1: Why?

Simon Sinek

Coen van Veenendaal

Renger Witkamp

Luciano Floridi

Luuk Simons

Session 2: What?

Sophie van der Stap

Wolter Mooi

Frans Hiddema

Jan Gunnarsson

Ragna van den Berg

Daniel Kraft

Session 3: How?

Lucien Engelen

Wouter Bos

Tim Hurson

Pieter Kubben


Session 4: Who?

David deBronkart

Thomas Power

Lawrence Sherman

Nicolette Mak

Fred Lee

Bas Bloem

Session 5: TEDx You

Paul Iske

Melvin Samson


Mindmap authors

Paul de Roos

Joost Brillemans

Andrea Solnes Miltenburg