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A gap year by Mind Map: A gap year

1. Financing

1.1. Work & safe

1.2. Subsidy

1.3. Scholarship

1.4. Parents

1.5. Sponsors

1.6. Work in a foreign country

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Interruption of study rhythm

2.2. No longer the drive to study after a gap year

2.3. No goal in mind

2.4. Danger with an outdoor country adventure

2.5. Falling in love with a foreign person

2.6. Expensive

3. Why?

3.1. You don't know what you want to study

3.1.1. You want to figure this out during a gap year

3.1.2. You just don't want to study yet

3.1.3. You think that you've deserved a long break

3.2. You know what you want to study, but...

3.2.1. ... you want new experiences for your job

3.2.2. ... you think that you've deserved a long break

3.2.3. ... you want to travel around the world before starting a new study

3.3. You know that you're not going to continue styding

3.3.1. So you are going to enjoy life and see what it gives you

3.3.2. Before starting to work you want to travel around the world

4. Options

4.1. Voluntary work

4.2. Young people travel

4.3. Language course

4.4. Global Gap Worldtour

5. Advantages

5.1. Time for future orientation

5.2. Workexperience

5.3. Cultural immersions

5.4. Personal development and life experiences

5.5. International friendships

5.6. Improving a foreign language

5.7. Added value to your cv

6. Preperations

6.1. Start on time

6.2. Visa and working papers

6.3. Insurances

6.4. Unsubscribe from population register

6.5. Well-being

6.6. International rebate card for the young

6.7. Invest in your future

6.8. Study after gap year?

6.9. Country information