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Night by Mind Map: Night

1. Eliezer's dad, who is known as Shlomo was important as he is the person that went through the camps with Eliezer. He represented love and strength.

2. Eliezer is the main character in the book Night. He tells his story in first person and has to go through the concentration camps. He is significant as represents innocence (since he is a child), he talks about hope and god, and also because he shows the struggle for Jews during the Holocaust.

3. Moshe the Beedle was another character who was the first one in Eliezer's town to go to a concentration camp. He warned people but no one listened. So he foreshadows what is going to happen in the book.

4. Tzipora was Elie's youngest sister. She is seperated from Elie when they enter the camp.

5. Mrs. Schaecther is a person on the same train as Eliezer who yells that she sees fire. She foreshadows the concentration camps.

6. Dr Mengele was one of the people Eliezer saw when arriving at Auschwitz and he performed cruel acts and decided if a prisoner should go to the gas chambers or not.

7. Idek leads Elie's work unit and is known for being cruel. He even hits Elie.

8. Franek is one of the leaders at Buna who wants Elie's gold tooth and tries to get it by doing things such as using a rusty spoon to pry it out.

9. Rabbi Eliahu is a Rabbi at the camp whose son abandons him as the Rabbi is weak.

10. Juliek is a friend of Elie who plays the violin. On the night he dies, he also plays the violin.

11. Akiba Drumer was someone who questioned and lost faith in God due to the cruel acts in the camp.

12. Meir Katz is a friend of Eliezer's father who saves Elie when someone tries to strangle him.